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I am working on another novel called: "Girl Scout Cookies." A horror novel on a troop of murderous young girls traveling across Canada collecting their special ingredient for their cookie recipe. The only thing these girls love more than nuts, is how to collect them. They prefer the nuts well tenderized before harvest.

I would love to hear from the readers. Your messages inspire me to write.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Caroline Springs (Part 3)

It has been a week since the girls of the Dunphy household put Luke into the hospital. Claire has been visiting her son who was being cared for in the private infirmary section of the facility.

The top female Urologist from Melbourne helped fix Luke's  fractured penis and ruptured testicle. He has been kept in bandages for at least 7 days. 

An maxillofacial surgeon from Werribee came to fix his caved in front teeth

Claire comes to visit daily. Luke has become passive, literally a broken man. He was also started on antipsychotic medications that helped pacify his agitation.

The doctor said he should be able to recover fully. He should be able to have sexual activities. However, his penis will be forever crooked, deviated to the left. His testicles will be forever be extra sensitive, even more vulnerable to punishment.

The doctor recommended to lay off his genitals for at least a month fearing he may not heal. Once a male loses his genitals, there is less leverage to use to control them.

Claire was trained to use psychological methods to maintain dominance over her son. She was more worried she wouldn't be able to control her daughters when she takes Luke back home in another week.

The dinner talk has now been the girls planning to punish Luke's genitals each time he misbehaves. Haley wanted to experiment on her brother's genitals sexually.  Alex, the youngest, feigned interest. She had her sights on her father's cock and balls.

The facility plans to release Luke to his mother in about a week. He was able to walk a few steps for the first time today.

Claire, still maternal, made sure Luke had enough meals and took his antibiotics.

Luke dreaded his other visitors. The police chief had been by at least twice with at least a dozen police women in tow.

They timed to arrived each time Luke's genital bandages were being changed. 

He would lay there, stark naked, two muscular female nurses, not so gently ripping his bandages off from his shaft and balls. He was not allowed to cry or complain during each dressing change. The nurses were not allowed to hit his genitals in punishment to let them heal. But there are other ways to make a male hurt.

The nurses picked Luke's nipples, twisted them violently, to get him to comply. The insides of his thighs were particularly vulnerable  to needle sticks.  Nurses would jab him with syringes filled with penicillin causing excruciating stinging pain. His shins also bore the punishment. Nurses and orderlies frequently scraped the length of his leg bones with metallic forceps to either wake him up or make him pay attention.

The police would surround his bed and wait for the nurses to completely remove his bandages.  Once his cock and balls were completely exposed, the nurses would always leave the room and have the female officers play their game.

"Ladies, this male needs to learn to serve women." the police chief started, "Let's remind him that we are everywhere, we will be watching his every move, we will punish him severely for his every transgression."

One officer reached out and pulled his circumcised glans up and away from his body. Luke's penis was now branded with his mum's and sister's initials. "Sisters, look how this male's pathetic dick, once the center of his arrogance, has now become a mere plaything for us."

Luke held back his tears and bit his lower lip. He dare not make a sound fearing punishment to his nipples, or thighs, or shins.

His testicles were nearly back to their normal sizes. The urologist was able to drain all the blood clots inside. They remained scarred by his families initials. Alex's "A" was comically upside down, looking like a "V." 

Two officers next to his feet drew Smith &Wesson handguns. Red laser lights beamed out from their tips. Luke looked down and saw where they aimed. One was aimed at the base of his penis, the other between his balls.

"The punishment will be severe!" the chief threatened.

Luke began to shiver in fear. Tears flowed freely from his eyes.

"I believe the male has cried without permission," one of the ladies stated.

"Permission to shoot his dick off," one of the officer stated.

"Permission granted," the chief barked.

One of the officers walked closer and pressed the muzzle of her gun at the base of his penis.

"Please don't," Luke wailed and started to sob uncontrollably.

The officers started yelling at him: "Useless!" "Criminal!" "Weak!" "Animal!" "Pig!" "Dog!" "Castrate!"

Luke felt dizzy. Blood drained from his face. He pleaded once more, "Please, I'll do anything, please don't hurt me!"

He felt the gun press deeper into his shaft. He held his breath waiting for the pain.

"Stop! Get out, all of you," Luke heard his mum's screeching voice.

The female officers backed away. Claire came to her son's side and commanded all the ladies out. They stepped slowly away from the bed and filed out singly from his room.

"Don't worry son, I won't let them hurt you," Claire said.

Luke continued to sob and rested his head on his mother's arms.

"Luke, my son, those women won't hurt you...as long as you show me and your sisters respect and subservience." Claire moved towards his middle.

She grabbed a wet sponge with her right hand and squeezed its extra fluid. She held her son's penis with her left hand and tenderly scrubbed his penis up and down it's shaft.

"This is ours," Claire now rubbed his balls with the wet sponge, "this belongs to us. This is connected to your body, but you have no ownership over this."

Luke stared blankly into space. His eyes had no more tears.

"Luke, those women will never hurt you if you follow the rules. You are under my care and responsibility, " she started to squeeze his penis vigorously.

"If I determine you to be a perfect son, you would not be hurt. If you disobey, I and your sisters are your only protection. We will have no choice but to punish you as we see fit. This is policy." Claire continued.

Luke's penis stiffened for the first time in days. It hurt in spots where the brands burnt the worst, but he felt the familiar pleasure in his manhood.

Claire stated that males are not allowed to masturbate without permission. And each shall be done only under strict supervision.

Males are expected to present their genitals when commanded at anytime or anyplace.

"You are also not allowed to shave your body or are you allowed to shave your face without permission," she added.

Claire dropped the sponge in a small basin filled with soapy water. She dipped both hands in the warm water and scooped some of the suds. 

She used both hands and grasped her son's entire length. She slowly pumped his penis, letting the warm soapy suds lubricate her touch.

Luke felt disconnected from his erection. The deep ache was slowly replaced by a building pleasure that started from his balls.

Claire sensed his imminent orgasm and increased her pace. The glans of his penis, now free from foreskin, appeared red and healthy.

Luke grunted. A jet of hot milky fluid exploded from his penis with such energy it hit the low ceiling of the room. He spilled out a week's worth of semen stored in his swollen testicles. The sticky fluid sprayed and covered his bed, his belly, his thighs, and his mother's hands.

"There, there, that's a good boy" Claire cooed, "There's my pet."

She picked up the soapy sponge and wiped the semen away from his entire body.

His penis and balls have healed. 

Luke started to relax and felt sleepy.

Claire opened the bedroom door. A red laser light broke through the darkness beyond, illuminating the tip of his still erect penis.

Luke froze.

Claire blocked the doorway with her body. "I would never let anyone harm my property."

With that, Claire exited the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

The domination was complete.


Phil arrived earlier than planned. His conference went well and he made plenty of connections. He decided to come home early, take Luke on a skiing trip, away from his pathetic wife.

Phil's networking includes multiple trysts with multiple women. This last trip to Las Vegas was sure to be a record. He had a different partner each night. Most were high class prostitutes who he hired to fulfill his fetish.

Phil has always fantasized about violent sex. He loved brutalizing women and treating them like objects. The more violent the sexual encounter, the more excited he became. He pays top dollar to escort services that can provide subservient women. He especially liked younger women, barely legal teens, waifs, and little chits. He loved smothering them, or choking them with his cock.

He is a high roller in the escort world. He had to pay the pimp an extra grand to cover the bruises left on an 18-year old that looked 12.

Phil drove in to his garage. The house was dark except for a lights coming from his daughters' bedroom window. The garage is empty. Claire is not home and it's already getting dark.  Luke's car was parked on the street.

He dialed Claire's mobile on his phone. It went directly to her voicemail. He hung up and sent a text.

"Where the fuck are you?" All caps.

Phil took his heavy suitcase from his car and pulled in to a quiet house. The kitchen was lit by under cabinet lights. A reading lamp was on in the home office. The house was warm.

He removed his thick winter jacket and dropped it on the floor. 

He left his roller suitcase next to the staircase. 

He walked to his desk and looked through a thick bundle of mail and boxes.  He carried the mail to the kitchen and set it on the island in the middle of the room.

It contained the usual, bills, advertisements, a card from Claire's sister, letters from Luke's school, and two sealed cartons, each the size of a shoebox, addressed to Alex.  He tore the top open of one box and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the contents.

"Deer skin tanning kit"

This must be a school project, he thought.

He replaced the contents inside the box and pushed the carton in the middle of the counter. The second box, also addressed to Alex,  was heavier. There was something metallic inside when he shook it. He opened the box and it contained a CD and several smaller boxes with metallic bits and bobs, lengths of fine metallic wires, silver and copper, a small mallet, and wire cutter.

"Making Boho Jewelry and More," the CD was labeled. 

Phil shook his head. He couldn't believe the money he is wasting on education. 

He dropped the box on the kitchen floor. It made a loud thud. The contents rattled on impact. The mallet bounced out of the box onto the tile floor. 

Phil kicked this away. It ended somewhere underneath the dining room table.

Meanwhile, the girls were unaware their father has arrived. Haley was in the shower and Alex was busy on her iPad. They shared a bedroom.

Alex heard a soft thud. There was a momentary feeling of fear. She got out of bed and slowly opened her bedroom door.

She heard noises from downstairs. Someone broke into their house!

It couldn't be her mom since she was staying overnight in the infirmary. Her father isn't due back until Sunday.

She locked her bedroom door.

She flipped through her iPad screen and found what she was looking for. It was an app for home security. Her mom had multiple cameras installed in and around the house by AussieSpy, a camera store in Brunswick owned by a member of the sisterhood.

There were high-definition and night cameras set in preparation for total dominion. Claire, Haley, and Alex had access to each camera at any time. They wished to record every aspect of the activities of the males who they now consider slaves.

Twenty small screens popped on her iPad. There were at least two cameras in each room of the house. She clicked on the kitchen camera, set on top of a china cabinet. 

"It's Dad!" she whispered.

She saw him rummage through the mail. She saw her packages were opened and felt violated. 

She picked her phone and quickly sent her mother a text: "Dad's here!"

She waited. There was no response.

She looked at her iPad once more and saw her father help himself to a glass of Hellyer's Road. She knew he would finish half a bottle of the whiskey before he did anything else.

She looked at her iPhone once again. Still no response from her mother.

She heard Haley humming. She softly knocked on the bathroom door and let herself in.

"What's the matter?" Haley asked.

"Dad's here!" she whispered.

"But we're not ready," Haley responded in slight panic, "we have to inform the elders."

"I tried, mum is not responding. I think all the elders are in session. It is up to the daughters' coven to proceed with taking down the male," Alex stated.

Haley put on black leggings and a warm tight jumper. She put on a pair of thick socks and Nike tennis shoes.

Alex sent a mass text to 4 other numbers, "Testiculi perdere."

They are a part of a coven of women 18 years and below who live within a few blocks from Lauriston Quay. They train together, learn about male's weaknesses, and protect each other from harm.

Four separate beeps sent both girls reassurance. She texted details to the other girls. They're on their way.

Phil set his glass down on the sink after his fourth. He took a deep breath and inhaled the warm alcohol fumes into his lungs.

He already had his shirt off when he reached the foot of the stairwell. Phil was extremely fit. He was slim but sinewy, muscular, and healthy. 

The girls heard the familiar sounds of his steps on the wooden stairs. They watched him walk through the hallway, stop for a brief moment in front of their door, raise his knuckles as if to knock, but hesitate, and continue to the his bedroom and close the door behind him.

The girls clicked on the bedroom camera. He was shirtless. He had just the trace of hair on his chiseled chest. His belly was flat and rippled with muscles. He still had his gray wool slacks on. He removed both shoes and kicked them under the bed.

Alex quickly clicked on the bathroom cameras. there were three in there. One under the sink, one above the door, and one in the shower.

The girls saw him undress. His slacks dropped on the tile floor. He was wearing a light blue boxers that formed a bulge in the front.

The girls squirmed in delight.

"I still think Luke is bigger," Haley stated.

"Don't be silly, Dad will have a bigger cock because he is bigger and older," Alex responded.

Each girl was transfixed.

Phil stood in front of the toilet and pulled down the front of his underwear. 

The girls heard the low continuous ripple of their father's piss.

Unfortunately, the cameras couldn't show his genitals from where he was standing.

"Darn it!" Alex exclaimed in frustration.

They watched their father do his bathroom routine. He washed his face. He pulled hair from his nostrils. He picked his nose. He let out a loud fart. He flossed his teeth, then brushed them. He gargled mouthwash.

They watched in suspense, hoping he would drop his boxers.

There was another beep. The girls will be late but they will let themselves in through the backdoor.

Haley started to text back and forth on her iPhone.

Alex never let her gaze off the screen. Her eyes were on her father's crotch. She sensed something. Quickly she switched to the under sink camera.

She saw he father rubbing the front of his underwear. Its contents flopped around. She recognized the shape of his penis underneath the fabric. It looked soft, cylindrical, and long. She would catch glimpses of his testicles peeking from the bottom of his shorts.

Phil kept rubbing his front. His penis started to elongate.

"Haley!" Alex blurted.

Haley stopped her texting and stared at the screen.

Both girls held their breaths in anticipation. Their father's shorts had a large tent in front. Clearly he had a large erection.

Phil had his right hand inside his shorts. He cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. He then grabbed the base of his penis and whipped the length of it around his shorts.

The girls were mesmerized. Alex thought she saw the pink head pop out of the fly front. Haley was moist and absent-mindedly touched the front of her pants.

Phil hooked both thumbs on the garters of his boxers and slowly pulled them down to the floor.

Haley squeezed her labia and came. Alex gasped and nearly fainted.


They have seen their fair share of genitals over the past few weeks, but to see their father in all his erect glory was like a new discovery. It was beautiful, they thought.

They had the ultimate front seat view. Phil was furiously pumping his penis. The girls heard him groan. It took less than one minute. Ropes of white cum spurted from his penis and landed on the sink. He spurted at least 10 times before stopping.

Alex was giddy. Haley was orgasmic.

Phil turned on the tap and washed his penis on the sink. He pulled his boxer shorts up and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. He sat on the foot of the bed and clicked the remote to turn on the TV.

Phil felt a twinge in his belly. Something is not sitting right. He got up to go to the bathroom but immediately fell on his knees. 

He felt strange. His legs were likely jelly. He could barely get up. He held onto the side of the bed and pulled himself up. 

His whole body felt wobbly. His belly started to grumble. There's some Gaviscon in the kitchen, he remembered.

He finally was able to get up on his feet. He held onto the walls and slowly made his way out of his bedroom, through the hallway, to the stairs.

Haley and Alex were still reeling from the sight of their father's penis and ejaculation.

"Dad's looking funny. It's working!" Alex said.

It was the 'quaker button' extract. A few drops in someone's favorite drink should render them helpless for a few hours. It was part of what they learned in the facility.

Phil made it to the top of the stair case and considered his options. He held on to the rail and sat on the top step. He was too weak to support his weight. He scooted his buttocks down one step and almost tumbled over. 

Haley and Alex made their move. They walked out their bedroom and stood behind their father.

Phil felt their presence, "Girls, help your dad get up."

He slowly flipped his position, clambering over from buttocks to his knees. He knelt in from of the two girls. He raised both hands, reaching out for their support.

Haley and Alex each grabbed an arm and armpit. His skin was cold and clammy. They helped him on his feet. He was heavy.

He was able to make it to the top step, "You girls are finally useful for something," he mumbled.

Each girl still had him around each of his bicep. Alex and Haley looked at each other. Alex was burning in anger. Haley was indifferent.

Before Phil could take one more step. Alex released her support on his arm and gave him a slight nudge.

Phil teetered backwards. Haley grabbed onto right his arm with both hands to prevent him from falling.

"Alex!" she yelled.

Alex pretended to reach for an arm but instead grabbed the front of his boxers with both hands and squeezed.

Phil screamed.

Alex held on the shaft of his penis through the fly of his shorts and pulled. His weight and momentum were too much.  Phil fell backwards. His buttocks landed first halfway the length of the stair case. Alex kept her grip on his penis for as long as she can. She felt it stretch out for at least a foot before she let go. Haley could not simply keep her grip. 

He continued to tumble. His legs went over his head once. The momentum kept him going. His body somersaulted once more before finally landing at the foot of the stairs. 

Phil landed on his back. His head was on the tile floor. His legs lay higher, resting on the steps.

"We killed him," Haley cried in panic.

Alex calmly walked down the stairs and stood between his legs which were slightly apart. His boxer shorts were now more revealing. His whole package was out for her to see through the leg opening that was hiked up.

She kicked his legs apart and sat closest to his groin.

She held both his testicles. They were large. Her hands could not contain his size. She pulled on them.

Phil gasped then coughed. He attempted to grab on to his balls but his arms were too weak.

"He's alive, " Alex replied.

 They heard sounds from the kitchen door. 

Three girls walked in. The rest of the coven has arrived.

The conclusion is coming soon!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

New books!

I hope there are readers out there who appreciate the stories I write!

I am coming out with three books under cock and ball punishment/thriller/horror genre.

"Serial Women Part 2" follows Kendra's adventure as a serial collector (killer) as she makes her way around Europe.

"Serial Women Part 3." Kendra mentors a young girl from Australia. They travel through the Middle East and South East Asia, collecting souvenirs from each nation, while avoiding the Interpol who is on their trail.

"W.L.A." introduces the world to a secret group of women that intends to subjugate all men in their domestic lives. Fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, find out they are merely objects. It's less bloody than Serial Women, but no less violent.

I will still continue coming up with stories on this site.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Caroline Springs (Part 2.5)

Luke thought he was drowning. He couldn't breath through his nose. He sucked air in through his half-opened mouth. His head felt very heavy. In his daze, he realized he was upside down. He looked up towards his feet and saw he was attached to an X-shaped crucifix.

His feet were secured by leather straps. His legs were splayed wide. Both his knees throbbed and sent sharp pains when he tried to struggle. His middle was secured by a wide leather belt that bound his belly to the wooden cross. His arms were also held firm by leather straps on his wrists and elbows.

He looked up and realized he was completely nude. His penis looked horrid, bent to one side. His balls hung outwards. His scrotum was stretched out by the swelling underneath. He felt a deep ache emanating from them. The pain went deeper into his rectum and up his belly button.

He looked around and was immediately frightened. Dark figures surrounded him. There must be more than twenty people forming a semi circle around him. They all wore masks or hoods

He heard a familiar voice recite his transgressions.

Six women of the group took a few steps closer to his body.

Claire and her two daughters were among the six. She picked two other for the final ritual. One for her physical strength, the other two to help break his spirit.

"Submit to the strong. Submit to women. Woman is power." A monotonous recording looped every few seconds commanding Luke to succumb.

Luke was beginning to understand his predicament. He believed the male is stronger than the female. These women want him to accept defeat.

A woman in black to his far left approached his hanging body. She stood in front with eye level to his naked balls.

"Are you submitting to power?" It was the voice of an older woman.

"What the fuck are you...?" before Luke can finished his question, the woman raised her right hand like a knife struck him between his balls.

"Aaa!" Luke screamed.

"Submit!" the woman commanded, her hand raised, poised to strike.

Luke was mute and was in too much pain to respond.

The woman targeted his left ball. It was more swollen of the two. She struck down like a karate master breaking a wooden board. The leading edge of her hand hit Luke's left ball.

The woman is a black belt in MMA. She was in her 50s and taught self defense.

A dull squishing sound echoed  through the arena. Luke convulsed in pain. He made low guttural sounds. He shook his whole body, attempting to free himself from his bindings.

"Submit!" The women screamed in unison.

The woman inspected her handiwork. She roughly handled his balls, paying particular to his left. She felt his left orb had ruptured. The globe had lost its smooth surface in one spot. She used the fingertips and thumb of her right hand and applied pressure.

"Submit!" She commanded.

"Aargh!" Luke gurgled his screams. He felt his left ball under her grip. He felt her fingers attempting to squeeze out the content of his testicle.

And that was what she did. She squeezed his ball like she was juicing a lemon. She felt his firm testicle change shape and flatten. She felt lumpy contents start to extrude out on one end of his globe.

His flaccid penis dripped a thick pinkish fluid that landed on his chin.

She released his left testicle. His scrotum started to swell and turn purple.

"Submit!" This time she grabbed his right testicle and pulled it away from his body.

"Submit or you lose both balls!" Her threat was real.

Luke was now sobbing in pain and fear. Mucus from his nose made it hard to breath. His mouth drooled with blood and saliva.

"Please! Don't! I'll do whatever you want!'' Luke screamed.

The women shrieked in unison. "Aiee! Aiee! Aiee!" They sounded like banshees. They were all ecstatic.

Claire smiled for the first time.

Haley was disappointed she did not get her turn.

Luke's attacker took 10 steps back. The woman next to her walked closer.  She had a gun on her hip.

She removed her mask. Luke raised his head and focused. He recognized her.

"I am Captain Samantha Lamb," she spoke.

She's the police chief! Luke saw her on television.

"You know who I am. But what you must now know is that you will be forever be respectful of all women. You will do whatever they say. You will be their property. You will follow the rules of the W.L.A.!" She recited.

Luke hesitated to answer.

The police chief pulled the gun from her holster, raised it and walked closer.  She shoved the muzzle of her gun where his penis attached to his body.

Luke screamed..."Nooo!"

She pulled the trigger. "Click!" The gun had no bullets.

Luke nearly fainted. He urinated in fear. A rivulet of pinkish piss dribbled from his penis landing on his open mouth.

The chief jumped a few steps back to avoid his splatter.

"Listen to me, you maggot! Do you submit to the powerful? Do you submit to all women? The next time I will have bullets. I swear i'll empty my gun on your miserable cock, you would have minced meat left for dick and balls. Will you abide by our rules?" The threat was real.

"I will." Luke was broken.

The chief stepped back.

Luke saw four women approach to within a few feet of his limp body. Two appeared young, like little girls. One woman pushed a small cart with wheels. The last was her opponent still brandishing her sticks.

The woman with the cart stated, "Luke, these women will be your mistresses. You belong to them as slave, as pet, as property. Their every word is rule. Their every command must be met."

Luke had his eyes widen in horror as the smaller women removed their masks and the older woman pulled off her hood.

"Mum!" "Sis!" Luke exclaimed.

Haley and Alex smirked at their beaten brother.

"The final step for candidate Claire, " an unseen voice softly said.  "A trophy is warranted. Marking of possession is needed."

Haley's already soaked panties felt wet again. Her vagina oozed cream between her legs in anticipation.

The other males from this morning's fights suffered the same fate. The sisterhood demands a trophy from the male. It was up to the candidate to choose which part she desired.

The first male was a 65-year-old employer, beaten to submission by one of the girls he sexually harassed.  She chose his left testicle and bag. She sliced these off while he was hanging upside down.

The second and third males had similar punishments. It was coincidental they had the largest penises in the group. The 45-year-old had at least a foot long, the 50-year-old had ten inches. Their girlfriends chose to stretch their penises while they were soft and sliced each one midshaft. One girl planned to pickle the six inches she collected and use it as her lucky key fob. The other collected 5 inches of her boyfriend's penis and planned to use it as a Christmas ornament.

The fourth male had full penectomy. His wife had no more interest to fuck him.

The fifth male never made it to the final ritual. It was whispered that he died soon after the bout. He was in his 60s. His tired wife used a sledgehammer on his genitals at least a dozen times while he was unconscious before the muscular referee was able to pull her away from the fight.  His genitals were completely mutilated. A broken pelvic bone jutted up from his groin, impaling the shaft of his penis. The meat of the penis was exposed along one side of the shaft where the skin broke. His balls were unrecognizable. The scrotum was shredded. Blood splattered and sprayed everywhere. His left ball was found flattened like a hamburger, lodged between his ass cheeks. His right testicle was eventually found stuck on the head of the hammer.

The coroner in the group will document his death is from an accident, perhaps a fall or vehicular. No one will question this. They had members in the morgue, the police department, the media.

The sixth male was 50 years old. His daughter collected his testicles using a piano wire.

The 7th male was a 50-year-old who was beaten by his niece who he molested. His punishment was severe. The young girl sliced his penis and balls with a dull knife.

Claire announced she has made a decision.

"Take them all!" Haley blurted.

Claire, in her wisdom, whispered to her daughter. Luke is young. Claire does not want full emasculation. She fears she will lose her advantage over him if she removed his genitals. Male's genitals are hers and her daughters' way of controlling them to submission.

Haley pouted when she learned what her mother chose.

Claire gave a soft chuckle. "Tell you what, my darling Haley, I will let you collect the trophy for me."

Haley jumped in glee. She walked to the cart and eyed her instrument.

Luke couldn't comprehend what was coming. He opened his mouth in horror and emitted a silent scream when he saw Haley walk closer, a shiny pair of scissors in her hand.

"Remember, keep it neat," Claire instructed as she has plans for what will be detached from him.

Haley felt the twinge of another orgasm but had self control.

She was at eye level to her brother's large penis. It looked grotesque and injured.

She looked back at her mother and requested..."Can I play with it?"

The whole arena laughed.

"Only for a minute, " Claire smiled.

She set the scissors on the floor, gave her crotch one tight squeeze and stood up facing her brother's cock and balls.

Haley's dainty hands held her brother's shaft. It was fat. The head was cover with foreskin. It was wet with blood, semen, and urine. The shaft was bent to the left by a purple bruise. She pumped his penis delicately with her fingertips.

Luke squeezed his eyes in disgust.

She then paid attention to his swollen testicles, feeling the taut skin in her hands. He gave the right one a squeeze, feeling around for the ball underneath.

She the used her left hand to grip his penis at the base and squeezed. The tip of his penis drooled a pinkish goo.

"Get away!' Luke blurted.

Haley was startled and instantly angered.

"Respect the rules!" She yelled.

She reared her right foot and kicked him directly in the mouth.

Alex applauded.

Luke felt two front teeth break. His lips swelled up. His mouth was again full of blood. He gurgled in pain.

"Carry on!' Claire barked.

Haley pulled on her brother's penis by the tip of his foreskin. She stretched it as far away from his body as possible. She inspected his penis closely and identified the outline of the neck of his glans under the taut skin. She pulled a Sharpie pen from her back pocket and drew a line circumferentially marking the skin just below the neck.

She grabbed the surgical scissors with her right hand. With her left, she pulled on her brother's foreskin and spread it open.

She carefully pulled the skin out, inserted the bottom blade of the scissors in between the loose skin and started cutting.

Luke made a wet scream. His whole body shook. He lost control of his bowels. Brown liquid sprayed from his rectum onto the wooden plank on which he was bound.

Haley found the foreskin surprisingly tough. It felt like cutting taffy. She kept cutting until she reached the ring she drew on her brother's penis. He bled profusely making it hard for Haley to see her landmark.

"This will help," Alex yelled as she threw a piece of thin rope.

Haley caught it midair. It was a shoe lace. She looped it around her brother's penis at the base and made a tight knot. I appeared to work as the bleeding slowed a little.

Luke was delirious in pain and continued to spit blood and scream.

Haley changed her angle and started to cut along the line she drew around the neck of his penis.

The tourniquet she applied caused his penis to enlarge. It got stiffer and harder to manipulate. But Haley was determined.

A few more seconds and her surgery was complete. She harvested her brother's foreskin. It was about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. It felt soft like cashmere in her fingers.

Luke shook his hips side to side. His penis waved like an erect flag. Blood dripped everywhere.

"I have the trophy!" Haley showed it to her proud mother.

Claire collected it and dropped it into a vial filled with clear solution.

"It is time for marking!" a voice announced.

Claire walked closer to her son. Alex and Haley close behind. Alex stood on her mother's left, Haley to her right.

"You are our property. Properties have no rights." Claire recited.

Behind the girls, one of the women prepared something over the blue flame of a Bunsen burner.

"They're ready," the woman handed Claire and each daughter a long metallic rod with tips glowing bright yellow hot.

Branding the male is the final ritual. Males are treated like cattle. Like objects.

Haley held the long poker with a letter "H" on the tip. Alex had an "A" on hers. Claire had a "C." Each letter was about half an inch long. Each glowed bright and searing hot.

Luke screamed in fear.

Claire grabbed her son's erect penis by the base and directed it to point upwards, between his legs. She motioned to Alex.

Alex raised her hot poker and pressed it on the midshaft of his erect penis. Luke wailed once and fainted.

Alex pulled the brand away after a few seconds. the smell of burning meat wafted in the air. An angry "A" was etched on his penis.

Haley stepped forward and pressed her brand just above where her sister left her mark. His penis skin sizzled.

Claire picked the head of his penis. This was her right as the matriarch. She pressed the hot letter "C" right smack in the middle of his glans. She wanted to make it neat and symmetric.

She released his penis. In its erect and swollen state it dropped parallel to the ground.

One last deed and she graduates.

They turned around and gathered around the burner.

Once satisfied that each poker was reheated, they faced Luke again, now eyeing his swollen balls.

Alex pressed her red poker onto her brother's left scrotum. The thin skin broiled and started to bleed. Steam escaped from the ruptured sac. She left a blistered A.

Haley did the same on his right scrotum.

Claire decided to leave her mark between his testicles, at the raphe. Again, making it as symmetrical as possible.

The ritual was done. She is now full-fledged.

She and her daughters stepped away from Luke's limp body.

Iced water was splashed onto Luke's genitals.

The cold water roused Luke into a painful awakening.

Two muscular women started on his bindings. They untied his wrists, then arms, then hips, then ankles.

One muscular woman lost hold of his weight. Luke fell on his head, his whole body crashed forward. His still erect and bound penis slammed head on onto the concrete floor.

Luke let out a muted croak and started to have convulsions.

The two muscular women turned him over to his back. His erect penis was bent in the middle at a sharp angle. Blood dripped from its tip.

They untied his penis. More blood pulsated from the tip in timing with his heart beat.

They carried his prostate body onto a waiting gurney. He will be wheeled into the infirmary in the basement where he will be mended by members.  He will be interred until he is able to walk again.

Meanwhile, Claire and her daughters walked into a well lit hall. There was food and drinks. A celebration for the new members.

Claire handed her son's foreskin to an woman in her 80s.

"It should be ready in an hour," the old lady said.
Their drive home was noisy. The girls recounted the details of the whole day. Claire just smiled and listened. Each stated their favorite parts. Alex thought that branding was her favorite. Haley's was when her mom fractured her brother's penis.

They chatted nonstop. Claire has never seen her daughters this happy. She also saw one very vital thing. She saw their power.

Haley exclaimed, "I change my mind, this is my favorite part!"

She extended her left wrist, prompting her mother and sister to do the same. 

The three women placed their wrists on each other. They each wore a band made of leather. 

The old woman knows her leather.

Haley sniffed her new band and felt it with her forefinger. She felt great wearing her brother's skin.

Claire smiled.

Phil was arriving in one week. Claire couldn't wait to take her husband on in the ring.

Haley couldn't wait for Luke to come back home. She intends to sexually abuse him.

Alex couldn't wait to see her father. She believes she has chosen her trophy.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


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Caroline Springs (Part 2)

Claire sought help online. The closest women's shelter and advocacy group was on Darebin Place, a few minutes drive from their home.

She drove there the next day when Phil was out of town and the kids were in school. She met a social worker, Michelle, who was very sympathetic to her. She told her about the abuse she has received and the escalating violence in the house. She left out the part about Luke masturbating over his sister.

The social worker gave her a number for a safe house. She promised to aid her with some financial support. But Claire hesitated. She has two daughters and it will be impossible to raise them on her own. There must be another way, she thought.

The social worker gave her a hotline number. Claire can call the number at anytime and someone will come to pick her and her daughter at anytime.

Claire walked out of her office with deflated confidence. She has never been on her own. She married Phil when they were still in there teens. She has always relied on him for anything that she needed. What she wanted is control.

As she was stepping out of the building, a middle-aged woman approached her.

"Hi, I am Alana. I overheard," she started, "I wish to offer my help."

Claire kept walking to her parked car, but slowed her pace down to listen to the stranger's every word.

"I am part of a more progressive women's support group, I think you will find that our methods are more successful in fixing problematic males in our lives, " Alana spoke in whispers.

She handed Claire a red business card. "W.L.A." the card read on one side. A phone number was printed on the other side.

Call the number. They will give you further instructions.

Claire was given a secret phrase written in block letters on a piece of sticky note.

She smiled weakly, took the card, and dropped it in her purse.

Back at the house, she reconsidered her options. She would try to be more patient and thick skinned. She decided to change her family through kindness and conversation.

A few hours later, she was having dinner with her children. Luke was busy on his iPhone and treated her with contempt, ignoring her and her attempts to converse through dinner. Alex and Haley were pleasant enough to chat with her but were too scared to make eye contact with Luke.

Luke got up after finishing his meal.

"I would appreciate it if you took your plate and rinsed them, " Claire said.

Luke looked up from his iPhone with an annoyed look on his face.

"What did you say?" Luke answered.

"Please take your plates and rinse them. And, I think we should all take turns in doing chores in the house. I can't keep cleaning after you kids," Claire said, pointing to the pile of pots and pans on the sink.

"House work is for you and these two," Luke stared her down. "Men don't do housework."

Claire couldn't believe what he said. He sounded just like his father.

Alex and Haley stopped eating and looked down on their plates in fear. They were always bullied by Luke who stood more than a foot above them.

Claire started to get up from her chair, feeling defiant. But before she could say another word, she saw a plate hurtling towards her. Luke flipped his plate up. It somersaulted in the air and arced towards her.

Claire leapt back, narrowly missed by the plate. Leftover food scattered everywhere. The plate shattered into several large shards at her feet.

"Luke!" she yelled, trying to gain control.

Luke simply placed his earpieces back on, smirked, then walked away.

Alex and Haley leapt to their feet to pick up the pieces on the floor.

"It's okay, mum. Ignore him, Luke is a jerk." Alex said.

Claire was speechless. How could this have happened? When did her son become like this? Her thoughts were racing.

The girls cleared the table and washed the dishes.

Claire sat in the living room, staring at the coffee table, looking for answers.


Claire must have fallen asleep. The house was was quiet. It was 1135 pm.

She heard a car pulling up her drive way. It's Phil.

She walked quickly to the kitchen to set up his dinner. She had a bowl of stew heating up in the microwave. She stared at the timer, waiting for it to reach zero.

She felt his hands grab her breasts from behind. He reeked of cigarettes and had too much whiskey in his breath. He emitted a low and almost imperceptible growl.

She felt his hard penis rub up and down the small of her back.

He was always extra randy whenever he is drunk. Drunk sex was always violent and quick.

Claire tried to walk away towards the dining room but he had her in his muscly wrap.

Phil sensed her attempt to flee. He raised his right hand and gave her a sharp slap at the back of her head.

She stopped. Phil started to hump her behind. He pushed her towards the dining table, bent her over, pulled her skirt up, and violently pulled her underwear to her knees.

He grabbed her by her butt cheeks and started to spread them. He wanted to penetrate her and eyed her pink anus. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erect penis. It was already dripping with clear precum. He wasn't circumcised. His foreskin retracted revealing his glans that was a large and angry red.

He spit in his palm and rubbed it on the tip of his penis.

Claire sensed his intent and started to cry.

Phil aimed the tip of his dick towards her anal opening and started to ease his length in. She was very tight. Her sphincter spasmed in protest. This excited him further.

With another helping of spit directly onto her opening, Phil was able to insert the head of his penis through her opening.

"Eeek!" Claire let out a muffled scream.

Phil groaned with pleasure and slowly pushed his shaft deep into her bowels. He started pumping his hips. Slowly, at the start, but becoming more violent and fast with every passing minute.

Claire bit her lower lip. The pain was excruciating.

Alex and Haley heard the commotion. They opened their bedroom door and witnessed the rape of their mother from their father.

This was not an uncommon event in their household. Between the two girls, they have seen their mom abused, in some form or another, more than a dozen times.

They did not know what to do. They were scared of their father. He was big and muscular.

They closed their bedroom door and hid under their pillows to muffle the noise.

Phil was humping more violently. The dinner table was moving with his every pump, pushing it at least 6 feet from its original position.

"Awwwrrr!" he came in her.

Claire shut her eyes and inhaled deeply with relief.

He kept his penis deep inside her until the throes of his ejaculation subsided.

He pulled his penis violently. Streams of cum and brown liquid squirted from her opening.

Phil pushed her down in disgust.

"You fucking cow! You have shit all over my dick!" he said.

Claire fell on her knees and stayed there, too afraid to move.

Phil stepped back and walked towards the bedroom. He did not bother to zip up his penis in his trousers. It flopped with his steps. He went to bathroom, undressed, and stepped into the shower.

Claire saw blood spread from her right knee. Pain broke through the numbness. She plopped down on her bare buttocks and closely inspected her knee.

A small shard from the broken plate impaled her skin.

She pulled this off while gritting her teeth. She got up, pulled up her panties, and went to the sink to grab a paper towel.

She pressed it on the wound.

She could feel her heart beat in her head, in her rectum, and in the wound.

After a few minutes, she walked to her purse, searching for bandaid.

She saw the red business card. "W.L.A." She flipped it over and saw the number.

She pulled her iPhone out from her purse and dialed.

"Eva's Housekeeping!" a cheery female voice answered. "Providing excellent housekeeping needs for the busy homemaker!"

"Hello?" Claire responded. "I am calling because I need help..."

"Did you need help with cleaning services, ma'am? If you are, please call tomorrow when the office opens. This is the answering service," the voice answered.

There was a long pause. The secret phrase! She closed her eyes tightly, trying to recollect what the magic words. The sticky note! She rummaged through her purse and found it.

"Testiculi perdere!" she blurted.

"I'll transfer..." the voice answered.

There were a few beeps, then another female voice, this time much older and modulated. "Do you need help tonight?"

"No," Claire answered.

"But you need our help." It was not a question.

"Yes," she responded.

The female voice left her instructions. They were simple and precise. Claire will receive a text of a rendezvous place and time.  She is to come alone.


May 1st. 59 Vanessa Drive, Ravenhall. Right behind a mixed martial arts gym. Gray and white building with a red gate.

Claire turned right onto Vanessa Drive from Westwood. The paved road became dirt. She drove through an expanse of empty lots that appeared ready for construction.

The address turned out to be a warehouse. It stood by itself in the middle of an empty industrial zone. The building was completely surrounded by a 10-foot high concrete fence. There was a red metallic gate.

She drove her car up the driveway next to a post with an intercom box.

She pressed a button.

"Yes?" a metallic voice crackled.

Claire said the magic words.

The gate swung slowly inwards.

There were a half dozen cars parked inside. She drove into an available space.

She walked to the building. A slim asian women, possibly Thai or Filipino, was waiting by the front door.

"Hello, I am Eva. Welcome to the facility," she spoke in perfect english.

They embraced. Claire felt instantly relieved.

They walked into a simple receiving area. It was about 5 x 5 meters square. There was a front desk with a middle-aged lady sat in front of a bank of monitors and a computer key board. There was a modern sectional and a set of plush ottomans in what served as a well-appointed waiting area.

"Claire, this is Miriam, you may have talked to her over the phone when you first called for help." Eva explained.

Miriam stood up and clasped Claire's right hand with hers tightly. "Welcome to W.L.A."

Miriam pressed a button. An opaque glass door opened.

Eva led Claire through it into a large open space.

The warehouse is even bigger inside. The roof was about 50 feet high. There were several doors on both sides of the space. There was stadium-like seating, six levels high, one on each side, at the very end of the building. They faced a large red circle. There was a long table on one side, on top of which lay objects she couldn't recognize from this distance. There was a row of X-shaped wooden posts standing at the far wall of the building.

In the middle of the circle, a group of women was doing martial arts in unison. Up close, she saw their ages varied. The oldest must have been in her 60s, the youngest looked no older than 13.

They moved fluidly as if choreographed. A tall, blonde, middle-aged, and muscular female barked orders.

She was mesmerized by their power. She thought she felt the air vibrate with their punches, elbows, and kicks.

"Her name is Saundra, she and a few more women train us physically." Eva said.

Claire's eyes perked.

"But before we train you physically, we need to make sure you're prepared mentally and financially." Eva added.

She was then led to a door that opened into an office.

"This is Alexa. She is our financial expert." Eva said. "She will help you regain your financial independence."

"I will leave you with her," Eva added and handed her a packet. "Here's the curriculum."

Claire was surprised by the details in her packet. It contained several folders labelled with titles such as,
"Financial Freedom"
"Breaking free of abuse"
"Protecting your children"
"Getting another identity"
"International safe houses"
"Fighting back"

There was a chart of dates, requirements, schedules. Twelve weeks, before graduation.


Claire has learned in leaps and bounds. 

With the help of a network of female bankers, accountants, internet experts, she was able to access her husbands bank account. It helped that the general manager of Phil's bank was one of her instructors. Phil has amassed nearly half a million dollars in cash and has several apartments in Melbourne, parcels of land in South Australia, and even a yacht in Melbourne Harbor Marina.

She opened a separate account under her name in preparation.

"Fighting back" was her favorite subject. This started on the third week of her training. Saundra, Eva, Susan, and Diana were masterful instructors. They each taught in a nearby self defense gym.

Eva is Filipino. She was slim but had tight and muscular body. She was very lithe and proved to be an expert in arnis, a Filipino martial arts using sticks and other objects as weapons.

Susan is a heavy-set brunette, born and raised in Melbourne, and is an officer in Port Phillip Prison. She provided expertise in controlling violent behavior and weaponry.

Diana is a half-caste from a white father and aborigine mother. She was the most muscular of the trainers. Her expertise is survival tactics and street fighting.

Claire learned everything about the human body, especially the male form. She especially enjoyed learning fighting techniques on live men. The husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, bosses of the women members became their target practice.
She has become an expert in arnis.

She lost her first fight. She came home with bruises and a black eye which she covered with make up.

She became an expert by her sixth bout, learning to target men by their weakness.
On the seventh week came "legacy" or how to pass on knowledge to the next generation.
She was nervous the first time she brought Alex and Haley to the facility. She was pleasantly surprised by how her two girls positively reacted to their new sorority.
Alex and Haley have been looking for a solution for their domestic problems. The facility has been a godsend to the two young girls who were looking for confidence and strength.
They were like dried sponges that quickly absorbed information. It took them only two weeks to learn what their mother did in eight.
Haley became an expert in wrestling. While Alex, petite and physically weaker, favored street fighting, dirty and ugly.

Claire's true test will be on her 12th week. She was to use her skills on her own men. She was to take on her husband or son in the arena.

Phil or Luke? Who does she break first?

She flipped a coin. 


Phil was out of town anyway in one of his frequent conventions.


It was the last Saturday of June. The household has become as frigid as the cold winter. She still engaged with her daughters but has virtually ignored her son. Phil has spent most of his time traveling and has been home only 7 days the past 6 weeks. He will be back from Las Vegas in one week.

Claire was trembling with excitement. This was the day of her final test. She hardly slept the night before.  She got up early and made a healthy breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and a fruit smoothie. She promised the girls to bring them to the fight today. They woke up early as well and were ready for their 7 am scheduled outing. They jumped into their car and waited.
She heard a van drive up her house. She opened her front door to a cold and dry winter morning. Susan, Saundra, and Diana, all wearing dark clothing, jumped out of the vehicle. Diana was  carrying a large duffel bag.
They all headed towards Luke's bedroom.
Claire opened his door quietly. He was still in bed. She heard him playing his game on his Xbox through the wee hours of the morning. He was asleep in bed. He wore a sleep mask. He must have set the room's radiator heating to high. It was hot. The room was filthy and smelled of sweat and semen.
Claire saw Luke sleeping half nude on top of a messy bed. He was not wearing any shirt. His upper body was sculpted with muscle. He had thick pectoral muscles that  expanded during each inspiration. His flat stomach had muscular ridges developed from nearly 100 daily crunches.
He was wearing a blue cotton underwear that was too tight for what he packed.
Luke sported morning wood. His erection escaped the top garter of his underwear. His uncircumcised penis was thick and hard. It lay flat on his belly pointing up to his belly button.
His testicles formed two round mounds below. They were large like his father's. The front of his underwear had dried cum stains.
Luke, an 18-year old, jerked off nearly three times a day.
She's seen his naked genitals once before. He was just like his father, although Phil had a darker shaft and browner balls.


Claire then turned around and walked away. The three women rushed the bed and pounced on his sleeping body.
Luke did not have a chance.
Claire heard a soft thud and a muted scream. She headed to the garage, got into her car, backed away from the house, and drove off.
The women used chloroform. Once adequately sedated, they expertly trussed up Luke's arms and legs.  His genitals were completely exposed as the front of his underwear had been torn during the scuffle. They stuffed a ball gag into his mouth.
They pushed his body in a large body bag and carried it into the waiting van.
Diana locked the house up and sat on the driver's seat.
"He is breathing," Susan said.
The van sped away.

The facility was a flurry of activities. There were 8 bouts scheduled this weekend. The largest they have scheduled since W.L.A. was formed. Their membership was getting bigger and recruitment has been successful.
Membership has helped with finances. Each member paid a tithe once they have graduated from the course. Ten percent of their income go to the group.
This has helped widen their network.
Branches have been started in different cities worldwide. They have an estimated membership of 760 women.
Secrecy is paramount. It helps that several members are powerful women. There were several police chiefs and detectives that helped cover up their activities. More than a dozen judges ensured cases against any member were thrown out of court. There was a network of doctors and nurses in every continent that took care of the bloodied and injured. Finance and computer experts protected each members assets.
Claire could not wait to graduate and become a full-fledged member.
The warehouse was kept dark aside from bright lights that flooded the central arena. There was a caged dome in the middle to make sure no one escapes. The stadium seats on each side of the square were filled with women and girls. Their ages varied. The oldest was 83 years old. The youngest was an 8-year-old Chinese girl. All wore black. Jumpers, jackets, trousers, shoes were part of a strict dress code during fight days.  They all wore masks.
The event was expertly filmed by several cameras strategically positioned in and around the ring.
There was a slight chill in the air. Claire waited in the wings. Her bout was the last scheduled for the day. The first seven went pretty quickly. Most lasted less than 15 minutes. The longest was about half an hour. A fight between a young girl and her muscular uncle. Each fight had the same conclusion with male beaten, most were unconscious, all lay on the cold floor clutching their genitals.
Each bout was announced by an unseen emcee. Each male was read a list of his transgressions and the punishment that followed.
Claire heard Luke's name over the speakers. She saw her son  pulled by a masked muscular woman by a rope looped tightly around his wrists. He looked confused. He looked around and could only see shapes and figures in the shadows.
He was still in his tattered Aussiebum underwear and nothing more. His muscular body was a sight. He was the youngest male to be punished this day.
Claire scanned the bleachers and saw her two daughters watching at the edge of their seats.
"Luke Dunphy!" the speaker hissed. "You are being judged for your crimes."
A list was recited. Disrespect to women. Lewd behavior. Foul language. Violence.
Luke turned his head this way and that, trying to locate the source of the sound.
"This facility was built to rehabilitate offenders so they can live as what nature has intended: total subservience to womanhood."
The ropes that bound his wrists were expertly untied by his muscular escort. Once completely free, she shoved him by chest. Luke staggered backwards and fell on his buttocks at the center of the cold arena.
He turned to his left and saw a short table with implements on it. Beyond it a dark figure came into focus as the bright light revealed a slightly overweight woman in black walking into the arena.
Claire was wearing a ski mask. It was all part of the warfare.
She stopped at the edge of the table and picked her favorite weapons.
Each stick was 3 feet long and 3 inches round. They were made of dense Mahogany wood. Claire has gotten used to the heaviness of the sticks.
She stepped a few feet away from the table.
"Pick your weapon," an unseen voice instructed.
Luke stood up but did not move.
"What the fuck is this?' he protested.
"Fight for your manhood!" the crowd erupted.
Claire moved forward towards her son.
Luke saw the hooded figure with a stick in each hand approach.
He raised both hands, "Stay away!"
He backed away slowly.
Claire moved quicker. She raised her right arm above her head wielding the stick like a club.
Once in striking distance, she attacked. The fighting stick whizzed towards Luke head with lightning speed. He ducked in time, feeling the sharp breeze as the stick missed his left temple.
He ran away from his attacker and found himself blocked by heavy bars. He looked around and quickly discovered he was trapped.
Claire run towards him with both sticks in the air.
But Luke was infinitely faster. He ran the perimeter of the cage, looking for a way out.
He made sure to stay as far away from his attacker as possible.
Try as she might, Claire  could not catch up to her much younger son. She was starting to get embarrassed by her performance.
Minutes passed and the audience was starting bored.
"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" the women chanted.
Claire tried another tactic. She stood in the middle of the arena. Luke kept moving looking for an opening.
Luke found where the cage had a hinged door. He shook the solid bars. There was a latch with a hook!
He looked back and felt confident he could outrun his chubby attacker.
He used his right hand and attempted to unlatch the gate.
Claire raised her right hand above her head and aimed.
She threw the stick forward. It flew straight towards its target. Luke looked back but didn't see the stick heading his direction.
The stick found its mark. Its rounded point hit Luke between his eyes.
Luke's head snapped back and hit the steel cage. A thousand stars exploded in his sight then darkness. He slid down the cage and landed on his knees. He held his throbbing forehead. He found it difficult to breath through his nose. He smelled blood and his mouth tasted metal.
Claire was ecstatic with her first contact. She saw her son on his knees. Blood was dripping from his nose and round spots on his thighs and briefs.
Claire ran towards Luke. She was confident she can finish this bout quicker than the young girl before her.
Through blurred vision, Luke saw his attacker approach. He was wobbly but was able to stand. He raised both arms in defense.
Claire was well-trained. She had the vital points of a man in her head.

Claire held the other stick like a sword. Luke attempted to grab it but she was able to flick the stick to the side and strike the knuckles of his left hand with it.
Luke curled his left arm towards his chest in pain. He backed away and found his back and buttocks against the cold cage bars.
Claire picked the next vital target.
Luke's underwear was barely covering his genitals. It hung on the base of his penis. His dark pubic hair was visible. The leg openings were loose. His scrotum peeked underneath.
Claire thrusted the thick stick forwards towards his genitals.
Luke was to slow to avoid the attack.
The knobbed end of the stick hit Luke squarely at the midshaft of his penis. Luke screamed in pain.
The arena exploded in cheers.
Luke dropped to the ground in a fetal position. He clutched his genitals in pain.
Claire inserted her fighting stick into a holster on her left hip. She grabbed Luke by his ankles and pulled him towards the center of the ring.
Luke could not resist. He was in too much pain. He held on to his penis, rubbing the pain away.
Once they reached the middle of the arena, Claire released his ankles. She ran back to the edge of the cage to fetch her other fighting stick.
Luke used this to his advantage. He stood up and dashed towards his attacker.
He was a champion wrestler in high school and intended to use this skill to subdue.
Claire was unaware until it was too late.
Luke had her in a full nelson hold. He lifted her off the ground and squeezed tightly.
Claire thought her neck would break. She was completely helpless.
Luke carried her like she was a ragdoll. He walked towards the cage door planning to slam her head against it.
A split second before this occurred, Claire bent both of her knees to her chest and kicked out. Her feet landed on the steel bars. the strength of her extended legs pushed Luke backwards. He hit his head on the concrete floor. The impact instantly paralyzed his muscles releasing his hold on Claire.
Her buttocks landed onto his belly. Her entire weight rammed his insides,
Luke lay unconscious.
Claire was incensed. She became too confident.
She was straddling his belly facing his legs.
Claire eyes her son's tattered underwear. Anger built up inside.
Alex and Haley were on their feet. Luke landed directly in front where they sat. They had a perfect view of his genitals.
Both girls haven't seen Luke's penis and balls. They would see his bulge all the time but he was never naked in front of them.
Haley, the older girl, felt something wet in her knickers. She was getting turned on by the prospect of not only seeing her brother's genitals but also seeing his balls beaten to a pulp.
Alex, on the other hand, has always fantasized about her father's cock. She wants it to become her plaything.
Claire knew man's seat of power is in the genitals. She reached down and grabbed his underwear and completely shredded this apart, releasing his large package into full view.
Haley squealed when she saw his long soft penis bounce on his lower belly. His balls hung loose between his legs. They were pinkish in hue. She touched her crotch and squeezed, imagining how they would look once blue and battered.
The audience was on their feet in anticipation.
"Crush! Crush! Crush!" They chanted.
Claire gathered her son's balls in her left hand, clutching them where they attach to his body. His testicles were the size of chicken eggs. The ballooned out from her clenched fist. She raised her stick high and hammered it down.
The stick hit him across the meat of his right and left testicles. A purple welt immediately formed on his stretched scrotum. Claire felt his balls change shape on impact.
Luke woke up from the pain. His balls were being crushed in a vice. There was a deep dark ache that travelled from his groin into his stomach.
Luke formed fists with both hands and started pummeling her back.
Claire felt thunder in her chest. She jumped up away from his fists, releasing his hold on his balls. She found it painful to breath.
Luke scrambled away. He rubbed his balls with his right hand, looked down and inspected the damage. There was a welt but his balls felt intact.
He had anger in his eyes. He would not let a fat woman beat him. He is the stronger sex, he thought.
He was aware of his nakedness, but did not care.
He flexed his body, posing, like a proud rooster. He stretched his chest muscles. He cracked his neck. He put up his arms in a boxing pose.
He attacked. He run towards his target and started throwing punches.
But Claire was trained by the best of them. She ducked, and bobbed, and weaved, biding her time.
She had both fighting sticks in her hands.
Luke's cock bounced with his every movement. They became inviting targets.
Luke lunged with a straight punch with his right fist. Claire ducked to her left. She raised both sticks and struck his right elbow.
Luke screamed in pain. The sticks have struck a sensitive nerve shooting electricity in his arm.
Claire struck again, targeting the same right elbow.
Something cracked. Luke grabbed his right elbow. The pain was tremendous. He couldn't move his right arm. His elbow had been dislocated. He dropped to his knees in pain. His legs were slightly apart. His genitals hung low between his thighs.
Claire raised both sticks and aimed for his head. Luke raised his left arm in defense. She was ready for this. She reared her right leg and kicked him squarely in the balls.
Luke was lifted from his position by the impact. He fell backwards. His legs were bent on the knees. He clutched his balls and closed his thighs. But Claire would not allow this. She used both sticks and struck his knees. The impact was brutal. His right knee ballooned immediately. His left knee cap shifted to the side.
"Open your legs!" she commanded.
Luke heard a familiar voice but did not follow. He kept his thighs clamped together. He clutched onto his balls.
Claire hit his knees again. This time she broke skin. His right knee exploded in blood. His left knee swelled up to the size of a grapefruit.
Luke released his genitals and grabbed both knees. He remained on his back. He hugged his knees towards his chest and slowly rocked.
Claire saw the opportunity. His balls squeezed out between his thighs. She raised her right hand and again hammered the stick down towards his balls.
A wet splat echoed through the arena as the heavy stick made contact. It hit his left testicle. Before Luke can react, she hit his balls again.
"Aiee!" Luke screamed. The pain shot through his balls, down his rectum, and up his spine.
Luke fell on his left side and attempted to straighten his legs. He screamed in pain. His broken knees sent shooting pains each time he moved his legs.
He was helpless.
And Claire knew this.
Meanwhile, Haley started rubbing the front of her jeans. She wanted more. She yelled, "Crush his balls! Break his penis, Mom!"
Luke was in shock. The voices were familiar.
Claire heard her daughter's request.
She moved in closer to Luke's heaving body.
She knelt next to his thighs and pulled on them. She had him on his back.
"Stay down! Don't move!" she commanded.
"Mom?" he whispered weakly.
Claire switched her position and pried his thighs apart.
Luke was too weak to resist.
She knelt between his legs and forced him to straighten them out. He screamed in pain.
She wanted to fulfil Haley's request. Her son, Luke, is a pig. She caught him masturbating over her daughter's sleeping form. Anger kept rising in her head.
Claire grabbed Luke's soft penis in her right hand. She pulled on it, attempting to detach it from its root.
Luke screamed in pain.
The whole arena roared in response.
Haley was working on her second orgasm. Her young pussy was dripping with moisture.
Luke lifted his hip upwards to relieve the pressure on his dick.
Claire twisted his penis clockwise, then counter clockwise. But she couldn't seem to break her son's spongy penis.
"Of course!" she thought.
Claire leaned forward. Once her mouth was directly on top of his penis, she hacked up saliva and spit on his penis.
She used the lubrication and started to jerk his penis up and down.
Despite the pain, the stimulation was doing its job. Luke was horrified to see that his penis getting hard. A few more tugs and it jutted upwards in all its stiff glory. Seven inches long, thick, and veiny.
Haley screamed with the sight of her brother's erect penis.
Claire was not squeamish. She had one goal in mind. A penis is easier to break when it is erect.
She pumped her son's penis with her right hand. Slowly at first, then furiously.
He was like his father. Claire knew when he was about to cum. His balls pulled closely to his body, his breathing came in short spurts, and his lower belly stiffened.
He was going to cum.
Claire let go of her son's penis. Luke's hips pumped upwards in frustration. He fucked the air.
Claire had the fighting sticks in each hand.
She spread her arms like wings, her weapons in her tight grips.
"Uhr!" he groaned.
A spurt of white liquid erupted from his penis.
Claire whipped her weapons towards his center. With lightning speed, the fighting sticks clapped together, hitting the neck of his glans on both sides. She heard a soft pop.
"Aiee!" he screamed.
A second spurt of come landed on his belly.
Claire saw the tip of her son's penis swell like an angry apple.
Yet he continued to ejaculate.
Claire was annoyed by this and grabbed the head of his penis by her left hand and attempted to clamp his penis shut.
More semen spurted in her fist. She was disgusted.
She kept her grasp on the head of his penis. She raised her right arm and aimed.
Haley was delirious. Not only did she see her brother come, but she will also see his total destruction.
"Break it!" she yelled.
Claire struck his erect penis midshaft. She felt a something crack.
She released her hold.
Luke was unconscious. His penis was still erect but leaned towards the left. His glans was swollen. His balls were retracted completely in his lower belly.
Claire inspected her handiwork and grabbed her son's penis at the base, then moved her fingers up his penis. There was a hard lump at the middle of his penile length. She has fractured his penis.
Semen continued to drip from his opening. For good measure, Claire formed a fist and punched him squarely in the balls.  His still erect cock slapped down on his belly. A gob of blood-tinged semen ejected from the the tip of his penis and landed on his chin.
Luke's body quivered. In his stuporous state, his left hand covered his balls. Claire slapped this away. She grabbed his balls in each hand and inspected them closely. She rubbed them between her fingertips. His balls were heavy and swollen. He is his father's son. The shape and how they hung were similar. The left testicle appear slightly larger. She pulled on his scrotum and squeezed. 
Luke started to gurgle. His eyelids fluttered. He coughed up bloody spit.
"Aaa! Aaa!Aaa!" His voice was low and guttural.
Claire found his testicles tougher than she imagined. She increased the pressure and squeezed.
Luke's torso came off the floor in pain. He gave a blood-curdling scream, then fell back unconscious. 
Bloody semen oozed from his penis and drooled down onto his balls.
Claire released her son's testicles. She squeezed so hard, she left fingerprints on his scrotum. She rubbed his balls. His right testicle was intact. His left was misshapen. The once smooth globe felt ruptured on one side. 
Haley squealed  in delight. She has reached her fifth wave of orgasm. She received her wish! She finally saw her brother's cock and balls. She saw his erection. She saw his ejaculation. She witnessed her brother's penis get broken. She especially enjoyed seeing his once pink scrotum turning blue. 
As for Luke, he mercifully passed out.
Claire stood in triumph. She held one of her sticks in her right arm and pressed it firmly down on genitals where the balls connected to his penis. She leaned down with her weight. The tip threatened to penetrate his genitals, but Claire held just enough pressure to prevent this. She did not want to totally emasculate her son.
A muscular woman entered the ring with a handheld camera. She walked around the combatants and documented her winning position for posterity.
Claire won. But there's one more thing she has to accomplish before she becomes a member.
Unfortunately for Luke, it is still not over.


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