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 I will post stories soon! My real job has me traveling the world the past few months so I have not been able to do update this site.
Traveling to different places has inspired me to write stories involving multiple nationalities and how men from different countries can still be easily hurt by women.
Come back soon!

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That took awhile!

Hey guys! Is anybody still out there? It took awhile because I had to travel (work, work, work). I promise updates!
Meanwhile...I published my first ebook on Amazon and Kobo!

Serial Women Book1

Please enjoy the first book of three.
The books follow the lives of three women who formed an alliance. The first chapter is familiar because it involves Kendra and her mother. But wait 'til you get a load of Emily and Pune!
Hang on to your balls. These women are savage.
It starts in Guben, Germany, goes through parts of South Africa, New Delhi, India, and Berlin. Start reading!

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The Twins (Part1)

The song "Wake me up" blasted from Alejandro's iPhone prompting him to wake up at 530am. He had to get up early. He has an important lecture in Pathology he could not miss.

He got out of bed and had to reorient himself. He looked at the figure sleeping next to him. Cristina? Isabel? 

He looked at a book shelf next to the bed. Diccionario Politecnico, Advanced Engineering, Statistics...

He is Amado for the  next one hour and was last night. And Cristina lay next to him.

He got out of bed and went directly to the bathroom. He looked himself up at the mirror and wished he could cut his hair. The dark brown wavy hair had grown longer and has started to become unruly and curly at the front and back hairline. He had to coordinate this with Amado.

Alejandro stood naked in the middle of the bathroom. He was 5'11" tall and had a lean muscular body. He is at the prime of his health at 23 years of age. He plays soccer at least once a week. He goes to Crossfit at least 4 times a week. He was handsome. He has light green eyes. He kept his body relatively hairless opting to shave his chest, belly, and pubic hair. He has a long brown uncircumcised penis. It measures 8.5 inches when erect. His testicles were large and hung low.

He stepped under the shower and felt the warm water wake him up further. He grabbed the soap and started to clean his body with it. Lavanda puig. It was one of the few differences he and Amado had. He never liked his brother's choice of soap or cologne.

Otherwise, he and his brother are identical in everyway. One big difference, of course, was their choice of professions. Alejandro planned to be a Radiologist. Amado wanted to be an Engineer.

They were very close. They shared everything since they were little. Clothes, toys, money, and even girls. They initially started playing pranks on their friends, pretending to be the other. They became quite an expert in fooling people who did not know them.

They found a great potential when one night, in their senior year in high school, Alejandro's girlfriend made out with Amado by mistake. When Alejandro found out, he intentionally made out with Amado's girlfriend the next day. The twins discovered early on they could get away with most anything, especially sharing women.

They were identical twins. Their bodies were similar in every way...fingerprints, shoe size, length of penis, and size of balls. They have the same mannerisms and speech patterns. Only their parents could tell them apart, and even then with difficulty.

Over the past nine years of being sexually active, they must have shared more than 40 women. They had it down to a science. Each would attract females and date them for several days. They traded notes on each girl and would swap partners after the first time they engaged in sexual intercourse. They usually would fuck the women at least a dozen times before unceremoniously dumping them.

They have become insatiable and considered women as beautiful toys, nothing more.

Alejandro stepped of the shower and wiped himself dry. He did not notice Cristina was already up watching him from the bed.

She had been suspecting something over the past few weeks. She initially thought that Amado had been cheating on her but about 3 weeks ago, she discovered something strange. While she was giving Amado a blow job, she noticed a faint scar at the base of his penis. She asked Amado about it. It was a scar from when he caught his penis in his zipper when he was 14 years old. It bled quite a bit and healed with an almost imperceptible scar.

However, the following night, while she was again sucking on who she thought was Amado, the scar was gone. The next night, it was back!

She and Amado had been dating for at least 5 weeks and she could not put her finger on something. So one day, she followed Amado as he left for school. She was surprised when Amado who was riding his motorcycle took the A2 motorway heading east. Polytechnic was the opposite direction.

She followed him with a safe distance in her car and saw him exit towards Alcala de Henares. She recognized the university and thought he was probably there for academic reasons. He parked his motorcycle on a side street and walked towards the campus. She quickly found an empty parking and followed him on foot.

He was wearing faded denim jeans that high lighted his muscular buttocks. Cristina has always been attracted to healthy and athletic men. But what really attracted her to Amado was the way he looked in his trousers.

Cristina is an expert crotch watcher. Over the years , she has developed a method of gauging men based on the package they sported through their jeans, slacks, Speedos, boxers, and whatever they may be wearing. She became so good at this that she can almost tell 100% of the time the size of a man's penis and balls just by looking at their crotches.

The first time she saw Amado, he was wearing light brown slacks that hugged his muscular buttocks but modestly hid his generous package. But this didn't fool Cristina. She eyed his crotch the first time he saw him in a bar one night. He walked down a flight of stairs and saw a hint of the length of his penis and size of his balls as they shifted in his trousers with each step.

She saw him walk up a side street where tables and chairs were set. "Café de Libreros." A small street
 café. She walked across the street and quickly entered a bank. Through the glass window, she was able to observe him without chances of discovery.

He stood next to a table where a man and a woman were having coffee. They appeared to be in a spirited conversation.

Then she noticed something. She looked down and admired his heavy package. His jeans were snug enough in the front that a faint outline of his penis and balls were visible. His balls hung low to the right of his crotch and his penis pointed down towards his right leg. She felt moisture build up between her legs with the sight.

However, Amado always carried his package to the left. In fact, she later discovered, all of his denim jeans were slightly worn on the left side where his penis and balls laid.

This puzzled her as she has never met a man who knowingly would carry his package a different way, especially in jeans.

She saw him walk up the street towards the University.

She exited the bank and crossed the street. She approached the couple and smiled.

"Hola! Are you Amado's friends?" she asked.

"We know Amado, yes we're friends, but that's his twin brother, Alejandro," the male answered.

She invited herself for coffee and sat down next to the couple. She learned about Amado's twin. And that he was in medical school. Alejandro had a girlfriend but she was currently in Buenos Aires visiting her family. Amado was apparently dating someone but he was a player and usually had 3 or 4 girls at the same time.

Suddenly, everything clicked. This explained everything. Although they were identical, there were some subtle and some overt differences. Amado's penis was just slightly thicker and leaned to the
left. Alejandro's was just slightly longer and leaned to the right. Amado kissed more tenderly. Alejandro used his tongue more forcefully. Amado took his time while fucking her. Alejandro was rough and quick.

She thought her boyfriend was just mixing up things.

She was dating two men!

She felt deeply betrayed, abused and absolutely humiliated.

She drove home that day in tears. But her tears quickly turned into anger and decided to play a wicked game of her own.

She was able to get the name of Alejandro's girlfriend. Isabel Echevarria. She was originally from Argentina but is now a Radiologist working at the university hospital. She was able to get her number from the hospital pretending to be a patient.

She was able to introduce herself and tell her of their plight. They eventually spoke over Skype where Cristina was able to describe to her in great detail her discovery and proofs to back this up.

Isabel was livid. She also suspected something was wrong with Alejandro. She felt used.

The two women hatched a plan to get even.
Cristina watched from the bedroom as Alejandro dried himself with a towel. He looked remarkably like Amado from head to toe.

She and Isabel planned to figure out up close if there are any differences between the twins  and if their similarities are only skin deep.

Alejandro walked out of the bathroom and smiled when he saw Cristina watching. He stood at the end of the bed to show off his body.

Cristina sat on the bed and gazed at his magnificent naked form. He was drying off his hair with the towel. He had very muscular shoulders. His biceps were lean but bulged out when his arms flexed. His chest was muscular and chiseled. His abdomen was flat. His rectus abdominis muscles were defined and formed a six-pack.

But for Cristina, the most beautiful part of his body is where it sat on his hips. He had twin muscular lines that started up from his sides and gracefully forming a cum gutter guiding the eyes downwards to their intersection. What hung from this intersection is a heavy and thick cock, semi erect, with its foreskin half covering the glans. His testicles were loose from the hot shower and swung low from side to side with his every movement.

She was an avid crotch watcher and was temporarily hypnotized by his pendulous cock and balls.

Alejandro knew he had an audience and was happy to perform for her. He slowly lowered the towel to dry off his chest, lower further to dry off his belly, and even lower...

Cristina inhaled deeply when she saw Alejandro scoop his balls up with his towel. He deliberately and slowly rolled the towel from his groin, cupping his balls, and repeatedly wiped them dry. His testicles formed two large brown mounds each time he lifted them up. They bounced in their sacks each time he let them go.

His penis was now fully erect. It stood straight out, slightly angling up, and to the right. His foreskin was fully retracted revealing a pink head. His muscular thighs where stiff. He slightly pumped his hips as if fucking the air.

He dropped the towel on the bed and grabbed his penis with his right hand. He started to masturbate. He massaged his testicles with his left hand and rolled them in his palms. His pumping became more furious. He bucked his hips in time. His eyes were closed. His chest was rising with his every breath. His flat belly tightened.

"HAWRRR!" Alejandro grunted. He came with a geyser of white semen that shot across the bed and hit Cristina on her breast. He squirted several times. His come formed a line of droplets across the bed.

Cristina gasped. She was turned on but was immediately put off when she realized the truth. Alejandro and Amado only thought about their pleasure. They did not really care about who they use or hurt.

Alejandro opened his eyes and was in a slight daze from the intensity of his orgasm. He wipes his penis with the towel.

"I'm in a hurry. I'll see you tonight?" Alejandro said.

Cristina nodded and said "Let me make you a cup of coffee before you go."

Alejandro smiled and nodded. He went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers and put them on.

Cristina went to the kitchen and started to boil water in a sauce pan. She took a French press pot and put 4 scoops of ground coffee in it. She then went picked out a small vial from her purse and twisted its lid open. She poured the contents of the vial into the pot. She then returned the empty vial into her purse.

Alejandro came out of the bedroom wearing a tight shirt clearly defining his fit body. He was wearing a pair of snug black denim jeans that showed the outline of his cock and balls. His handsome face broke into a wide dimpled smile as he received a tall mug of coffee from Cristina.

He gave her a full kiss on the mouth. He then sat down on the bar stool and drunk his coffee. Cristina topped off his mug with a second serving of the brown liquid.

Alejandro finished the contents of the French press within ten minutes. He got up from the stool, kissed Cristina good bye and started to walk towards the front door.

He seemed to slow down a bit. He reached for the door knob but completely misjudged the distance and missed. The world started to move in slow motion. He turned around and started to say something to Cristina. The room kept spinning around him. He stood frozen, trying to regain his balance.

Cristina saw that the medication was starting to affect him. Isabel warned her of the immediate effects of GHB. She poured a hefty dose of it in his coffee.

Alejandro head started to sway from side to side. His legs were started to tremor. Cristina immediately ran to his side to support him and walk him to the nearby couch.

Alejandro sat back on the couch. He lost control of his body. His arms shook slightly. He could not focus his vision. His legs felt like rubber bands. He had an urge to urinate. He tried to get up  but failed. He fell back on the couch. His head hung back over the edge of the seat. His arms lay useless on his sides. His legs were spread wide open. He blacked out.

Cristina saw him roll his eyes behind his head and shut them. He started to take progressively deep breaths.

She pried both eyes open and saw he had pin point pupils. She grabbed his wrists and felt his bounding pulses.

His shirt was wet with sweat. The front of his jeans was also wet. He lost the control of his bladder and urinated in his trousers.

Cristina picked her mobile phone and dialed.

"He is ready," she spoke.

A few minutes later, she heard a knock on the door. She opened and the door and saw Isabel. They gave each other a quick hug.

Isabel was wearing a paramedic uniform. She pushed in a power-assisted gurney and parked it next to the couch. With Cristina's help, they were able to lay Alejandro's muscular body flat on the couch. Using a scoop slider, they were able to transfer his entire body in one concerted effort to the gurney. They strapped him secure with belts across his chest, pelvis, and thighs.

Isabel then grabbed a white sheet and covered him entirely.

Cristina put on a set of paramedic clothes that Isabel brought.

Once they were ready, they pushed the gurney out of the apartment and locked the door behind them.

Surprisingly, Calle Robredillo was empty. It was such a perfect street to park the ambulance. It was one way and she completely blocked the street with the truck.

Isabel opened the rear doors of the ambulance. Inside, Cristina saw Amado who was also sleeping and strapped in a gurney. He was wearing loose boxer shorts and nothing else. He looked exactly like his twin brother.

Isabel mechanically raised the gurney and pushed it into the back of the ambulance locking it in place next to the other gurney. Cristina jumped in the back and sat between the two brothers on a stool towards the rear of the truck. Isabel pulled the sheet off Alejandro's body. She then hooked a nasal cannula around Alejandro's face. The prongs poked up his nostrils and delivered oxygen. She pulled up his shirt and applied leads across his chest to monitor his vital signs.

A computer screen flickered to life. Next to this was a monitor that already had Amado's vitals signs. Even during coma, the twins had similar findings. Their heart rates were almost identical, 44 per minute for Amado, 47 for Alejandro. Their oxygen levels were also similar at 100% each. They each were breathing 12 times a minute.

Isabel then closed the rear door. She walked up to the driver's side of the truck, got in and started the ambulance. She drove out of the street and turned on the ambulance siren. She turned left on Calle Alonso Cano and then made a right towards the motor way. She was headed towards Ciudad Valdeluz, an abandoned city somewhere northeast of Madrid.

Meanwhile, Cristina enjoyed the sight of the two magnificent bodies in front of her. Their faces were so similar. But she couldn't stop herself from her hobby. She immediately focused her gaze towards their crotches.

Alejandro was still in his jeans but she could see the outline of his genitals through the denim fabric. His crotch was dark from what she though was urine. Amado's penis peeked out of the fly of his boxers. Cristina grabbed the tip of his penis and pulled it out from its hiding. She then inserted her right hand through the opening of his boxer and scooped his balls out. His entire genitalia now hung out of his shorts and wiggled with the vibration of the truck.

She then turned towards Alejandro's jeans and unbuttoned it. She lowered down the zipper and pulled his trousers and boxers at the same time. She was able to lower his both jeans and underwear down to his thighs completely exposing his flaccid penis and pendulous balls.

She then looked at both men's genitals and was completely amazed by them. They looked like mirror images. Both were uncircumcised. Each had a light olive color. The balls were equally large. She grabbed Amado's set with her right hand and Alejandro's with her left. They were equally hefty. She rolled the contents of each sack and felt the smooth surface of their lemon-sized balls. Even their shapes and sizes were competely similar. She then wrapped her right hand around Amado's shaft and her left on Alejandro's. Their penises had the same spongy feel.

She let go of their penises and took her iPhone. She started taking pictures of the men's genitalia. She posed each in different positions. She took several pics with the penises laying flat pointing towards the belly button and some pointing downwards while resting on their scrotums. She took pictures of their ballslossely hanging between their legs. She also took pics of them while she had them in her hands.

Isabel eventually saw what was going on through the rear view mirror and laughed.

"Leave some for me later, amiga," Isabel smiled.

After about and hour-and-a-half, they finally arrived at their destination.

Ciudad Valdeluz is a suburb of Madrid. It resembles a ghost town when 75% of the city was left unfinished in 2008 due to the housing market and economic crash. It had a medical center that is only open certain times of the month.

Isabel chose the place precisely because of the almost abandoned hospital. She worked here on occasions and had access to the building and the equipment therein. The center won't be open again until next week giving them plenty of time to play with the twins.

She backed up the ambulance towards the door where medical supplies are delivered. She got out of the truck and walked towards the locked door. She used a key to unlock the double door and swung them open. A loud echo emanated from the empty hallways of the hospital.

She then opened the rear door of the ambulance and smiled.

"Amiga, what we have here is a special opportunity to teach abusive men out there a special lesson," Isabel said.

Cristina smiled and looked down at the brothers' genitals. It was a indeed a special opportunity. She intended to see how deep the similarity went. She intended to move her hobby of crotch watching forward. She has been enjoying looking at the surface all this time and wondered how everything looked underneath it.

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I hope you guys are enjoying the blog.

Coming up..."The Twins"...twin Spaniards get punished for playing games with their women.

And..."Cockworks"...Kendra is back! With her own agenda! I don't know if her mother necessarily agrees with her daughter's motives. Can the end justify serial murder? Lots of men lose their cocks in the process.

And..."Ballgame"...My first story on M/M ballbusting. A baseball coach and a young player's father's disagreement end up in a no holds barred fisticuffs. Someone loses more than baseballs in the end.

And..."Kathleen's story"... A follow up of one of the women from Grosse Ile and how she was able to crush her ex husband and son in a double teaming fight.

And..."Caroline Springs"...A small city in Victoria, Australia is fast becoming a ballbusting capital in the world. The parties held by the women behind closed doors will make men clamp their legs tight. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Aussie men better watch their balls.

And..."Pune"...A young Indian lady was raped in a public bus by five young men. Her boyfriend was beaten senseless. The men were never caught. The lady recovered and soon discovers her true heritage. She was the grand daughter of the bandit queen of India. She hunts each men down and shows them her own brand of justice.

I would love to hear your opinions!

The Bully (Part 3)

Jennifer woke up. She fell asleep with her head resting on the breakfast table. She looked at the wall clock. It was 3:52 am. She got up and saw that her coffee got cold sitting on the kitchen counter.

She grabbed the cup and placed this inside the microwave. She turned the machine on for 1 minute and heard the familiar hum.

"Omigod!" She whispered to herself. She slept for almost two hours!

She quickly walked to the basement door, ran down the steps, and saw her son was barely conscious.

His eyes were half closed. Blood-tinged drool dripped from his ball-gagged mouth. It ran down his chest and belly and completely soaked his penis. His whole body was covered with sweat that trickled down his legs and formed a generous puddle on the floor. His hips bucked spasmodically every few seconds. His penis jerked up and down with his hips. His penis now drooped completely but appeared to still be 7 inches long.
His balls appeared to have been sucked in to his body.

Jennifer turned off the switch. She heard her son groan. With growing concern, she tried to detach him from the device. She grabbed on its handle and absent-mindedly pulled on the device. This yanked his penis and whole body forwards.

"AAARRRMMMPPPHHH! Matt cried in shock and pain. The sudden assault woke him up from his nightmare.

He remembers coming at least six times before he lost count. He blacked out after what must be the seventh time he orgasmed.

Jennifer recognized her folly and let go of the device. She then grabbed the end of the tape at the base of her son's penis. She tugged on this to unravel the wrapping and free his penis from the device.

His pubic hair, scrotum, and penile skin were securely glued under the duct taped. Each time she pulled on the tape, Matt yelled in pain as shafts of his pubic hair were pulled from their roots. The tape left bright red marks where they where pulled off from his penile shaft.

When she reached the opening of the device, she realized that her son must have ejaculated all his load. The cylinder was full of his semen. She was able to finally pull the gadget away and noted the transparent chamber was filled with creamy fluid.

She grabbed a 5 mL glass vial that she prepared earlier and poured her son's semen in it. She still had lots of samples left and started to pour them in separate vials. She was able to fill 11 vials. He must have come at least ten times, she thought.

She closed each vial with its screw top lid gathered them and went back to her bedroom. She opened a large vat filled with liquid nitrogen and carefully set the vials in special holders. She sealed the vat and closed her closet door.

She went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. She then walked back down the basement to check on her son.

He was barely awake. She removed the ball gag from his mouth. He was bleeding from a cut lower lip. It looked shallow so it did not concern her.

Jennifer opened the water bottle and carefully poured its contents into his open mouth.

Matt opened his eyes and started to cough.

"Careful," he heard her mom say.

He complied and slowly drank the contents of the whole bottle.

Jennifer decided her son had enough punishment for the night. She unfastened his legs from the spreader bar. His legs clamped together quickly.

"OWWW!" He yelled. His genitals started to burn numbness to pain. The half of his penis that was inside the device was completely swollen. The skin of the shaft had water blisters almost completely around its circumference. The half of his penis that was wrapped in tape was narrow and red. His penis looked like an angry drumstick. His balls started to ease down into his sack. They appeared slightly smaller after unloading all its contents.

She then unhooked his wrists from where they were bound. His legs were unable to support his full weight so he started to drop. Jennifer caught her son in an embrace and slowly lowered him on the basement floor.

She looked around and found a cot. She unfolded this open. She then helped her son up on the cot and laid him down.

She quickly examined her son. He was still stuporous. His arms were on his sides. Still she was careful. She produced the handcuff given to her by Monica from her pocket and secured her son's right wrist to one of the handles of the cot.

She walked up the stairs, through the door, and locked it behind her. She decided to check up on him after a few hours.
Matt was partly playing possum. The prolonged hanging made his arms useless. He felt a constant creeping burn as blood rushed back into his arms. He laid there quietly for about an hour before he started to make a move.

His legs were starting to regain their strength. He flexed both knees up and spread them apart. He then used his left hand t examine his genitals. He rubbed his balls. They ached from the punishment as well as the multiple ejaculations he had. He looked down and was horrified to see the tip of his penis was swollen with blisters.

His anger started to build up inside. He hated his mom. She was the reason his life became a mess. She drove his father away.

He sat up on the edge of the cot and assessed his binding. Stupid cow, he thought. She handcuffed him to a thin piece of wooden handle.

He stood up, pulled on the cuff, raised his right leg, and stomped down on the cot. The wooden handle broke apart easily.

He was impressed by his action. He walked to the washing machine and found a dirty pair of board shorts. He quickly put these on. He groaned when the fabric scraped on the skin of his penis.

He walked up the steps and found that the door was locked.

He walked back down and saw early signs of dawn filter through the basement windows. The windows were too narrow for him to slip through.

He almost screamed in delight when he saw the phone. She forgot!

He ran to it and dialed 911. A familiar voice answered. Matt quickly slammed the phone down. He did not want to see Officer Ricatelli again.

He sat on the steps and tried to think. He dialed Pete's cellphone. He would get him out and rescue him. Pete is one his buds. A member of his posse. The call immediately went to his voicemail. He hung up and dialed his other best mate's number. Cody's cell also went directly to his voicemail.

"Ugh," he whispered in frustration.

He then came up with an idea in desperation. He pressed "0" and spoke to the operator.

"I need a collect call to La Rochelle, France please. Number 33-5-46915157," he whispered.

The phone rang a dozen times.

"Dad!" He yelled loud when he heard a man's voice at the other end.

"Matt?" His father replied.

Matt pleaded  for help. Over and over he asked his father to come and get him. He couldn't bear to tell his father the nightmare he underwent. He just kept saying his mother abused him horribly.

His father calmed him down and reassured him that help would be on the way. He promised he will call his best friend Victor, Pete's father who lived close by. He would come to get him out of the house and protect him.

He also promised he would fly to the US the next flight available.

They both said goodbyes. Matt hung up the phone and sat in silence. He will wait for Victor to come rescue him.

After about 20 minutes the phone rang again. It rang five times then went silent. Matt lifted the handset but held the switch hook down with one finger. He slowly released the switch hook and overheard his mother conversing with a voice he recognized as Pete's mother, Kathleen.

Kathleen: "Victor just called. Apparently, Dean spoke to your son on the phone today."

Jennifer: "What? What did he tell him?"

Kathleen: "Nothing specific, except Matt said he was being abused."

Jennifer: "What do I do now?"

Kathleen: "I'll take care of my ex-husband. He is coming here to pick me up to head for your house. Stick with the plan!"

Matt heard the phone disconnect. He stared blankly into space and could not understand what the conversation meant. He hung back the receiver and sat on the steps.

Jennifer was in a mild state of panic. She got out off bed and turned her computer monitor on. She quickly saw on the screen her son sitting on the steps. She saw him get up and search around in the basement. She saw him grab a baseball bat then walk up the stairs.

A loud banging echoed through the house. Matt was using the bat to break open the basement door.

Jennifer quickly grabbed several items from her desk drawer and ran towards the kitchen.

Matt was able to knock out the doorknob but the dead latch held fast. He then used his shoulders to ram the door open. On his third attempt, the door splintered where the latch was attached. It flung wide open. Matt fell on the kitchen floor because of his momentum.

He landed on his right side with a loud thud. He felt dazed for a moment. Once his vision focused it was too late. His mother was on top of him, again with a stun gun, jammed directly on his left chest.

His world grew dark.
Matt woke up. He opened his eyes and realized he was on his back on a hard surface. His arms and legs were bound. He lifted his head and discovered he was tied naked and spread-eagled on the wide kitchen counter.

The kitchen was empty. He heard voices from the dining room. It sounded like his mother was talking to another woman.

Jennifer and Kathleen sat in the dining room. They recounted the events the night before. Kathleen had her son Pete tied up in the basement of her home. She tied 5-pound weights to his balls and left him there to show him a lesson. She wanted to make him feel the burden he had become. Her ex-husband, Victor, showed up but quickly discovered the power of a stun gun course between his balls when he turned his back from her. She has him trussed up like a pig in her living room.

She touched bases with Virginia. She was not able to proceed with her plan because her son, Cody, had an unplanned visit with her ex-husband.

Matt shut his eyes and pretended to be unconscious when he heard their footsteps approach.

Jennifer and Kathleen stood at the kitchen door and gazed at his body.

He had the beauty of youth. His skin was flawless. His muscles were toned. His chests were not heavily built but were still cut. His abdomen had a hint of a six-pack. He had soft brown pubic hair that trailed up to his belly button.

His penis lay on his lower belly and bore signs of punishment. It still looked swollen but the blisters appeared to have subsided. His balls hung loosely between his legs and were almost touching the counter.

Kathleen bid farewell and walked out through the back door.

Jennifer walked next to the counter and saw his eyes twitch a little.

"I know you are awake," Jennifer said.

Matt kept his eyes shut.

Jennifer grabbed his testicles with her left hand and twisted them violently.

"AIEEE!" Matt screamed and opened his eyes.

Jennifer took advantage of the situation and pulled her son's testicles upwards.

Matt lifted his hips to ease the pain. "STOP! STOP! STOP!" He pleaded.

Jennifer let go of his balls. His buttocks made a wet slapping noise as they hit the counter.

"It is now time for reckoning." Jennifer stated.

"I expect you to repent for your sins and ask forgiveness," she continued.

Matt was completely delirious. He could not follow what she was saying.

Jennifer pulled a sheet of paper from the drawer.

"For each of these transgressions, I punish your source of anger and malice to make up for all the troubles you have caused," Jennifer patted her son's balls as she spoke.

Matt was horrified. He now realized his mother has gotten completely insane and intend to harm his genitals.

"Fuck you, you insane bitch," Matt yelled back. He decided he was tougher than any women could be.

Jennifer held her son's penis with her left hand and pulled it up towards his head and away from his balls.

She then formed a fist with her right hand and aimed for his left testicle. She punched. The knuckles of her right hand hit his left testicle straight on. It flattened between her fist and his pelvic bone.

"AIEEE!" Matt screamed.

"Profanity! This is your first offense!" Jennifer said.

She raised her fist and punched his left nut again.

Matt screamed again.  His left testicle rolled up and down its sack trying to escape the pain.

"Apologize for your first sin!" Jennifer said.

She raised her fist again but this time hammered it down, hitting his left testicle, stretching the scrotum, and flattening it on the counter.

Matt almost levitated from the counter. His whole pelvis lifted up. He shook his head from side to side and started to cry.

"Stop crying!" Jennifer yelled. "Apologize, and mean it!"

This time she grabbed his left ball with her right hand started to apply pressure on it with her fingers.

Matt felt increasing pressure flow up his belly and into his lower back. He shifted his pelvis from side to side to dislodge her grip from his left ball.

"Apologize!" she again yelled, doubling the pressure of her squeeze on his left testicle.

Matt was close to passing out. "I'm sorry," he said weakly.

Jennifer pulled his left testicle up while squeezing it hard. "Sorry for what?"

Matt felt his left testicle close to popping.

"I am sorry for using profanity. I won't do it again." He said.

Jennifer let go of his left testicle and said, "Good boy. But that is just one of your offenses."

Matt was breathless. He was shivering in fear and pain.

Jennifer now targeted his right ball. She isolated this with her right hand, pulled it away from the left and held it. It ballooned out from her grasp. She thought she could see its through her son's pink scrotum.

"Bullying! Apologize for your offense!" She said.

She made a fist with her left hand and hammered it down. His right testicle was trapped in her right grasp. It flattened on impact and made a loud meaty slapping noise.

Matt's eyes glazed over.

"Apologize!" She now used her left thumb and pressed on her son's testicle.

He shrieked in pain. He muttered repeatedly, "I am sorry for bullying! I am sorry for bullying!I am sorry for bullying! I won't do it again."

Jennifer saw her son's balls were starting to swell up. The pinkish scrotum was becoming purple in color.

"Forcing girls to have sex!" She exclaimed.

This time she grabbed a long prod from underneath the counter and held it up to his face.

In the haze, Matt could not figure out what the implement was. It had a red handle, in fact it said "The Red One" on it.

"Of all your crimes, forcing sex upon women is the most unforgivable. You force your weapon on us. This is unacceptable." Jennifer walked towards the end of the counter and stood between his spread legs.

She then raised the rod and jammed the two brass prongs at its tip into his testicles. She pressed the power button and cattle prod delivered a jolt instantly electrocuting his balls.

His body went into a fit.

She jammed the prongs again, this time targeting the base of his penis.

His body shook. He involuntarily clenched his teeth and bit the sides of his tongue in the process. Blood dripped from corners of his mouth.

Once he recovered, he quickly said, 'I'm sorry, mom!"

"Not good enough!" Jennifer replied.

She stuck the cattle prod lower, targeting both testicles at the same time.

This caused Matt's body to completely come off the counter.

Jennifer could not keep the prod on its target. Matt's buttocks dropped and fell on it. One of the prongs entered his rectum. The prod gave another discharge. This time it electrocuted his anus. The prod got stuck between his ass cheeks. Jennifer felt some resistance as she tried to pull it free. A succession of jolts were discharged in the process.

A curious thing happened. His penis stood up and appeared to get stiff. Another discharge was released from the prod. Matt's buttocks spasmed upwards. His penis squirted clear whitish fluid that landed on his belly..

Jennifer was surprised and disgusted. The prod must have stimulated some nerve inside, she thought.

She was finally able to pull the rod out of his rectum. The tip was smeared with brown stool admixed with blood. She tossed this aside.

Matt was completely paralyzed by the succession of jolts. He shook his head from side to side. He blubbered like a little baby. His brain felt like it received multiple doses of electroconvulsive therapy.

Jennifer grabbed her son's penis with her left hand and pulled it down towards his knees.

"You do not own this weapon. I own this. You no longer can use this without permission!" She stated coldy.

Matt groaned in pain. He felt his penis was about to be pulled off from his body.

Jennifer now grabbed his balls with her right hand and started to squeeze. She felt her son's balls roll around her tight grip.

Matt could only wheeze in pain. He started to mutter..."I am sorry, mom, I am sorry for everything. I promise to be a good boy." He started to cry softly.

Jennifer let go of his genitals.

Matt lost control and urinated. His urine spread wide on the kitchen counter.

Jennifer grabbed a bunch of clean dish rags. She wiped Matt's cock and balls clean. She wiped the counter dry. She then used a wet soapy rag and wiped between his buttocks to clean him.

Jennifer smiled. She had her little boy back.

October 2013 is big for the women's club of Grosse Ile. Monica, Jennifer, Kathleen, and Virginia have expanded their group to four more households in the neighborhood. They officially made October as ballbusting awareness month. They intended to reach out to others around their city and hopefully around the state to spread their belief that men are the source of all the wars and unrest in the world. If women started within their household to take back control, perhaps, one day, this will cause change.

Jennifer was hosting this month's indoctrination. A mother from nearby Windsor has heard of their group. She wanted to learn more so she can bring this back to her home across the border.

Her house was immaculate. The boys have been helping with the chores everyday. Dean spent some money to build a deck in their backyard. They are also remodeling most of their home.

The party was starting in 30 minutes. Jennifer wanted to make sure everything was just right. She called out to her boys.

Dean, her ex-husband, and Matt, her son walked in the house and stood like soldiers for inspection.

"Is everything ready?" Jennifer asked, going down the list in her hand.

The boys nodded yes to each one.

"Present yourselves," Jennifer said.

Dean and Matt each unbuttoned their shorts and dropped them to the floor. Jennifer inspected each of her boy's carefully. Their genitals were in see-though chastity belts, CB-6000-E. Their penises were visible through the plastic cylinders. Their balls hung freely below.

Jennifer pulled a remote box from her pocket and pressed a button.

Both men jumped in the air as an electric bolt coursed from the base of their penis through bodies. They landed on the floor in their knees and clutched their genitals. They did not say anything.

"I guess everything is ready for show and tell." She said. "I am proud of you boys, now get up and get ready for our guests."

Jennifer walked to the front door and saw Daniela park her car in front of her house. She can't wait to tell the young Canadian how she tamed her son and her husband. She always loved hearing Virginia recount her tales on how she beat her ex-husband in a karate fight in front of her son. She also can't wait for her to hear how Kathleen's ex-husband and son have been adjusting since becoming eunuchs.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Bully (Part 2)

The girls spent about 2 hours learning about disciplining men. It was almost midnight when they said their goodbyes to their hostess, Monica. Joe and the boys were too busy hurting. They left them lying on the floor in a heap.

Jennifer walked to her car carrying a small pad on which a schedule is written. It outlined the steps she needed to follow to regain control of her life and her son, Matt.


It had been a month since her training. She constantly kept in contact with Virginia and Kathleen to see when they planned to start. The boys were suspended for two weeks for misbehaving in school.

They made a pact to start October 1st, 2012. October would be the official ballbusting month for the ladies.

Jennifer prepared her home for the date. She bought spy cameras hidden in smoke detectors, art, clocks, and mirrors. She placed them in strategic areas in her son's bedroom, toilet, basement, backyard, living room, and kitchen.

She bought several equipment that Monica recommended. They included straps, handcuffs, cock rings, and other devices for punishment.

The most expensive piece is a cryo system set up for the home. She kept it hidden in one of her bedroom closets. It had a large tank of liquid nitrogen and a small vat which can contain hundreds of vials. She decided to split the cost with the other mothers.

The weekend before the first of October, Jennifer had second thoughts. She doubted if she can go through the process. She called the other mothers and tried to get support. They each calmed each others nerves and promised they would go for it.

Jennifer turned on the spy system in her home at close to midnight Sunday. Her son was in his bedroom working on the computer. At 5'9', her son is taller than she. He had a trim body and narrow waistline from the cross country running he did. He takes after his father's looks with a boyish face and impish grin,

 She saw her son watching something on his computer. She thought it looked like porn.

She switched her view to a camera mounted underneath his computer table and was disgusted by what she saw. Her son had his shorts down his his knees. He was stroking his penis with his right hand and rubbing his testicles with his left. It was obvious that he was getting aroused by whatever he was watching online. His penis was getting harder.

Jennifer looked at her watch, it was 12:08 am...October 1st! She decided to start the ballbusting month real early.

She readied herself and tried to remember the basic moves she learned at Monica's home.

She looked back at the monitor and saw her son's penis was fully erect. It was probably about 7 inches long. His balls looked average in size but hung low. It reminded her of her ex-husband's cock and balls. Like father, like son.

Matt was furiously pumping his penis and appeared to be close to orgasm.

Jennifer bolted from her room and headed for his bedroom. The door was locked but she was ready with a spare key in her hand.

She quickly unlocked the door and barged in the bedroom opening the door with a loud bang.

"What the hell are you doing?" She screamed.

Matt was startled. He tried to get up from the chair. In his panic, he leaned back too far in his chair trying to pull up his shorts to cover his manhood. The chair fell over with him. He fell and hit the carpeted floor with a painful thud. He tumbled over, landed on his head, and because of the momentum, his legs flew over in a backwards somersault. He finally landed on the floor on his elbows and feet. His naked bum was up in the air. During the tumble, his shorts completely fell off his legs.

Jennifer saw her son in this awkward and vulnerable position. His buttocks were completely up in the air in front of her. She could see his genitals dangling between his spread legs. His balls were oval in shape, average-sized, but were contained in a loose bag of pink-hued scrotum. They swayed while Matt attempted to get his wits back and get up. He still sported an erection.

She reached out with her right hand and grabbed his whole package, penis and balls, and pulled backwards. His penis bent backwards between his ass cheeks while his balls ballooned out from her grip.

"Mom, what the fuck are you doing?" Matt screamed in horror.

Jennifer was annoyed by his foul language and applied more force in her squeeze and pulled on his genitals harder.

Matt tried to get up but the pain in his genitals was unbearable. He felt his penis was going to fracture. He continued to have a hard on but this was forcefully bent backwards and up. His balls were starting to ache from the vice-like grip.

He was forced to assume a wheelbarrow-like position with his bum up in the air and his arms extended straight down trying to keep his upper body off the floor.

"I am tired of you disrespecting me and abusing my generosity! It is time you learn that I run this house and I run you!" Jennifer pulled on his genitals again.

Matt thought he was going to die from both the pain and humiliation. His mother caught him jerking off and now has his erect cock and two balls in her grip!

"Now move!" Jennifer ordered her son to crawl out of his bedroom.

Matt did not have a choice but follow. His arms and legs scurried hurriedly towards the door.

Jennifer still had her son's erect penis and balls in her grip. She was using his genitals like a rudder of a ship. She would squeeze hard and tug to right if she wanted him to go left and vice versa.

They crawled through the hallway, down the living room, and through the kitchen. Matt realized she was leading him to the basement door. With her free hand she opened the door and ordered Matt to crawl down the steps.

This horrified Matt. He started to protest, "I would fall and break my neck!"

 "Well you better make sure you have your strength, because it's not your neck I'd be worried about if you fell." Jennifer now used both her hands to grab on to his cock and balls and started to pull on them harder.

"AAAAAAHHH!" He screamed.

His arms were shaking as he slowly worked his way down the 13 steps leading to the basement. The pain in his genitals intensified with each movement as he felt his body weight now held up by them in his mother's grip.

Matt started to perspire profusely from every crevice in his body. These trickled down his arms and his face. His butt crack also started to sweat. The droplets ran down between the cheeks and started to wet his penis and balls.

The moisture added an unwanted lubrication to Jennifer's hold on her son's genitals. She was starting to lose grip prompting her to apply more pressure. Her hands were starting to tire from holding on to his weight. She alternated her hold between her left and right hand.

Mother and son reached the the basement floor. Jennifer continued her vicious tugging on her son's genitals. His scrotum was now red in color. His penis was still stiff and was pulsating under her grip.

Much to Matt's horror and humiliation, he continued to have a raging erection. The friction of his mother's grip on his penis was stimulating him further. He clenched his buttocks and felt his rectal sphincter tighten. He was on the early throes of orgasm.

"HAWRRR!" Matt groaned as he ejaculated. His semen spurted every 2 or three seconds and landed on Jennifer's hands and arms. She was unaware of this and kept squeezing her son's genitals milking his contents fully. He ejaculated for at least 30 seconds.

Jennifer smelled a faint odor of bleach. She looked down and saw her son's cum dripping from her hands, arms, and the tip of his penis.

"You little monster!" she yelled in disgust.

She let go of his genitals and ran to the nearby washer and dryer to look for a towel.

Matt dropped on his elbows and knees. He was in a strange state of post orgasmic euphoria and pain. He was completely aware of his nakedness. He got up on his legs and slowly walked towards the stairs. He clutched his genitals with both hands.

He made it to the foot of the steps. He grabbed a phone hanging on the wall and dialed 911.

"Police department, Gross Ile, what is your emergency?" a female answered over the telephone.

"I need help! My mom is trying kill me...send someone!" Matt screamed desperately.

"What's your location?" the female asked.

"I'm on 23000 East River Drive! Send someone please!" he yelled desperately.

"An officer is in the area and should be there in 2 minutes." the dispatcher said.

Matt hung up the phone and worked his way up the stairs. His legs felt unsteady so that he climbed up the stairs using his hands and feet, crawling up slowly.

Meanwhile, Jennifer found an old towel and scrubbed her hands and arms dry of his semen. She saw Matt climbing up the stairs.

"You come back here, you brat! Come here now or I swear you'll be in a lot more hurt." she yelled and walked towards him.

"You are a psycho! I called the police!" Matt answered back.

He made it to the 4th step when Jennifer caught up with him. She grabbed him by the tail of his shirt and tried to pull him down.

Matt was starting to regain his strength back and continued his ascent up the stairs. Jennifer was being dragged up the steps behind her son while hanging on his shirt. He was too strong for her. The shirt was also starting to rip at the seams.

She let go of his shirt making him lurch forward with her sudden release. Matt lost his hold and fell face first hitting his chin on a step. He immediately sat down on the step and grabbed his aching face.

Jennifer saw her son switch positions who is now sitting on a step. His eyes were clenched from pain. His hands were covering where he hit his face. His muscular legs were spread apart. She was now at eye level with his dangling cock and balls. His balls were hanging over the edge of the step on which he was sitting.

"You evil bitch..." he said.

Jennifer made a fist with her right hand and targeted his balls. She drove her right fist punch her son squarely on his hanging testicles. She felt both orbs flatten on contact between her fist and the wooden step.

Jennifer quickly followed this with another punch before he could react. This time she hit the shaft of his penis and his testicles.

"AIIIEEE!" Matt screamed. He immediately clamped his thighs shut and grabbed his balls.

Jennifer grabbed on to both of her son's ears and used them to drag him down into the basement. Matt had little choice but to get pulled down the steps. He was still in horrible pain. He had his hands rubbing the pain from his balls. His legs were jelly. He did not have any energy to resist his mother.

He was dragged to the middle of the basement. He stilled clutched his balls in his hands. He fell on his knees when his mother let his ears go.

The door bell rang...

Jennifer was startled and looked worried.

"I called the police...and you're going to prison you horrible cow!" Matt said defiantly.

He stood up with renewed energy and ran up the stairs. He went through the living room and opened the front door, forgetting that he was completely naked.

A flashlight blinded his eyes when he opened the door. A female voice said "Young man, you seem to be in trouble"

"Officer, I am so glad you mom...she is psycho!" Matt said.

The female officer stepped into the house and said "Why don't we get inside the house and sort this out. Where's your mother?"

Matt led her into the living room. "Officer Ricatelli," her badge read.

She closed the door behind them and followed him into the living room. She eyed his naked buttocks as he walked in front of her.

They reached the middle of the living room when Jennifer, in a state of alarm, walked in.

"Ma'am, we received an emergency call from your house regarding a possible domestic violence," the female police officer stated.

Matt felt instantly relieved and stood there. He realized he was naked. He covered his genitals.

"There's no trouble here, officer. I was just disciplining my out of control son." Jennifer stated.

"You fucking bitch! You were trying to kill me!" Matt yelled.

"Clearly, there is something wrong going on in this house, ma'am," the officer stated. She reached behind her and unfastened a set of handcuffs.

Matt raised both hands in triumph and pointed both index fingers towards Jennifer, "You're going away!"

The police officer walked closer to where mother and son stood.

Matt's cock and balls where hanging and visible under his shirt.

The office reared her right leg and punted Matt in the balls. Her boots made contact with his loosely hanging orbs. Matt's legs lifted from the floor from the impact. A mute thud signaled the contact between the officer's boot and his testicles.

Matt was too shocked to react. The pain was incredible. He fell down on the floor, on his knees, clutching his aching genitals.

"What did I tell you?" You have to make sure you incapacitate them quickly!" the officer said.

"I underestimated his strength...thanks for coming, Monica," Jennifer responded.

Matt was in a daze. The pain in his balls went up his belly. He was on his knees, his whole body bent over, with his hands rubbing his balls.

Monica pulled on his right arm, twisted this to his back and fastened his right wrist with one cuff. She went behind him and stepped on his lower back, pushing his body to the carpet floor then grabbed his left arm to complete the process of securing both wrists in cuffs.

She then grabbed the hand cuffs and pulled him up to his feet.

Matt was completely disoriented and looked around the living room with a blank stare. The ache in his balls was starting to subside.

Jennifer and Monica started to openly discuss what the plans were for tonight. In his daze, he heard words and phrases he barely understood...chastity belt, ball punishments, controlled orgasms, and female domination.

Monica stood behind him, holding on to his cuffed wrists with gloved hands. Jennifer was in front of him.

"What the fuck are you talking about, you..." Matt started to protest.

Before he could finish his sentence, Jennifer slapped him on his left cheek with her right palm.

Matt heard a buzzing noise and almost fell on the floor with the pain.

"You only get to talk if I want you to talk," Monica yelled.

"Fuck you!" Matt screamed and spat at her face.

Spittle ran down Monica's right cheek where she was hit.

'I've had enough of this," Monica said.

She pulled out a stun gun from her belt with her right hand and  slipped this between his legs. She then jammed the electrodes upwards targeting his hanging balls.

A crackling noise silenced Matt's yelling as thousand volts of electricity entered his scrotum and coursed up and down his body. He jumped up involuntarily and landed on the floor unconscious.

Monica and Jennifer stood over his body. His fingers and toes were twitching. His balls were completely retracted and appeared to be hiding. His penis shriveled. A drop of come dribbled from its tip.


Matt woke up with muscle aches all over his body. He opened his eyes and quickly determined his arms and legs were bound. He was in their basement.

His arms were bound in leather straps connected to metal chains attached to the basement ceiling. His legs were bound by leather straps to and spread out wide by a long wooden rod.

He was completely naked and found himself in an obscene position. His genitals were completely hanging out and there was no way for him to cover up.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He saw his mother and the female police officer walk closer to him.

"What do you think you're doing?" Matt screamed.

Monica had a ball gag in her hand and walked towards Matt. She lifted her right knee and hit him squarely in the balls.

"AAAAARGH!" Matt yelled.

Before he can close mouth, Monica jammed the ball gag in his mouth and quickly fastened this around his face.

"I am here to ensure that justice, punishment, discipline, and rehabilitation are properly served," Monica stated.

Monica then grabbed Matt's testicles with her right hand and started to squeeze, "You better change your attitude, young man, or I will throw you in prison where you deserve to go."

Matt clenched his eyes and gurgled his pain around the ball gag in his mouth.

Monica then stepped away and said, "He's all yours. Just call me if you need help."

Jennifer thanked Monica for her assistance.

She then directed her gaze towards her naked son and sized him up.

He looked so much like his father. Handsome, brash, average-sized penis and balls, and arrogant.

His father left her for another woman. He was a big wig in the motor industry and fucked any girl he can get his hands on. He was verbally abusive and would occasionally push her around. He was able to hire an expensive divorce lawyer who humiliated her in court. She was awarded custody and their current home but very little child support and alimony.

The last time she heard of him was when he got a golden parachute when the motor industry crashed during the financial crisis. He received millions in severance package and bought a home somewhere in the south of France.

Jennifer reached for a sheet of paper and walked towards her son. She stopped within striking distance.

"I have in this sheet, a list of all your crimes for which you have gotten away scott-free. I am here to deal out the appropriate punishment for each of these so you can start with your rehabilitation," Jennifer stated coldly.

"But for now, to ensure my chances of having a grand daughter in the future, we need to start a collection," she said.

Matt could not believe his predicament.  His whole body tremored with fear and disgust. His mother had him bound! He is hanging from the ceiling completely naked! He looked down to see his cock and balls swaying left and right as he tried to free himself from his straps.

Jennifer grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently. She thought her son's balls felt firm in her hands. The scrotum felt like velvet. The color of his shaft and sack were pink and unblemished. The cock and balls of youth, she thought. Her ex-husband's penis looked almost like her son's only it had a slight curve to the left. Father and son's balls were exactly alike, but she thought her ex-husband's scrotum had more ridges and slightly brown from age.

Matt shut his eyes and mumbled in protest. He started to drool from his ball gag.

Jennifer then pushed a stool right between his legs. Matt opened his eyes and saw a device sitting on the stool. It looked like two large black plastic pipes connected by wires. "A-10 Cyclone," it read on one side.

Jennifer worked in silence. She applied a clear gel-like substance on both hands. She held the tip of her son's penis with her right hand and pulled it away from his body. She grabbed the shaft with her left and started to stroke his penis.

Matt growled in protest. He kept his eyes clenched. To his horror, his penis started to respond to her mother's hand. He opened his eyes slightly and saw his growing erection. He thought of dead kittens and old nuns to try to control his hard on. But his mind always returned to his next door neighbor's soft mouth giving him a blow job.

Jennifer saw that her stroking was producing her desired effect. Her son's penis grew to its full erect state. She then pushed the stool all the way under his legs. His penis and balls now rested on it. She grabbed the handle of the Cyclone device and inserted her son's penis through a wide opening on one end. She pushed the device all the way until the head of his penis cannot go any further.

Matt felt his penis go through a soft and moist hole completely enveloping the distal half of his penis. It felt pleasurable, almost like a mouth.

She then grabbed a duct tape sitting nearby. She wrapped the apparatus with the tape. She rolled it around and around and with each turn started covering the whole pipe and his penis down to its base. His penis is now secured inside the apparatus. It looked like mummy's penis. She wanted to make sure the device wouldn't fall off.

Despite her preparation, Jennifer still found masturbating her son distasteful.

Jennifer then turned the device on and set it on the stool. His penis was halfway inside the gadget. The inner working started to revolve in a slow and deliberate rhythm.

Matt's penis started to vibrate in response. It got more stiff and actually lifted the device of the stool by a few inches. His penis started to curve and point upwards.

"I'll be back," Jennifer walked up the stairs and headed for the kitchen to make a some coffee.

Matt opened his eyes and realized his mother was gone. He looked down and saw his penis completely wrapped in tape connected to what is an electric jerk off device.

It hummed nonstop.

It felt like his penis was being sucked by three women at the same time. He tried to dislodge the device by shaking his hips to, fro, left, and right. The movements only made the experience more pleasurable.

After about 5 minutes, he felt the familiar sensation of orgasm. He clenched his buttocks. His legs spasmed. He flexed his arms and lifted his body a few inches from the floor.

"MMMPPPHHH!" He came in a huge explosion of semen. His hips bucked several times as his semen spurted from his penis into the device.

His whole body hung from his bindings after his orgasm. He was breathless.

He soon realized that the machine kept on going. The soft innards kept revolving in same slow rhythm. It started to rub on his overly sensitive penis head.

He has not felt anything like this before. He just discovered that further stimulating his penis after ejaculation caused electricity to shoot up his shaft, up to his brain, with painful jabs.

And because his mother wrapped his penis tightly with duct tape, he barely lost his erection after coming.

He started to buck his hips up and down trying to turn of the device by banging it on the stool. His penis bounced violently up and down. The device was still attached to it. On his 8th attempt, he felt the a switch turn the gadget off. He sighed in relief but quickly inhaled in panic when the device turned back on with inner sleeve revolving in maximum.

It sounded like a small blender. He felt his penis was in a washing machine in light speed. He tried the maneuver again, bouncing his penis and the gadget on the stool. But in a hurried attempt, he upended the stool. He now hung there. His arms were attached to straps. His legs were flayed wide with spreader bars. His mummified penis dipped low with the heavy attachment still taped to it shaft.

After what must have been more than 5 minutes, Matt felt like his penis detached from his body. It started to rise again. It lifted itself up parallel to the floor. Despite the pain, he started to feel the early signs of orgasm.

His penis swung left to right as his hips involuntarily bucked.

"AAARRRMMMPPPHHH!" He came again. His muffled scream echoed in the basement.

He squirted another healthy dose of semen into the device.

This time, Matt felt he was going to pass out from the forced ejaculation and the pain.

Tears started to stream from his clenched eyes because he realized the device continued to run.

His penis started to shrivel inside the device but could not go back to its normal flaccid state. The tight duct tape prevented the blood to flow out of his penis.

His balls felt sore and empty. He looked down to see that his scrotum has shrunk. His two orbs were almost completely hidden inside him.

The device was unrelenting. It continued stimulating his penis. His brain was completely empty of any sexual desire.

Despite this, after about 10 minutes, his penis started to show life again. It started to elongate and stiffen but to a lesser degree. It rose but angled down slightly bearing the weight of the device.

He hung there in silence. It felt like his penis had a life of its own. The pain turned into a constant numbness up his shaft and through his balls. His anus spasmed every few minutes signaling that orgasm was again near.

This time he came in silence. He felt like his balls were being sucked into his body. His orgasm was less intense but he was still able to ejaculate 7 to 8 squirts of come in the device.

And the A-10 Cyclone continued to spin...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Bully (Part 1)

Jennifer was upset. She was busy at her work when she received a call from her son's school. They want to pick him up because he was caught smoking in the school yard.

This has been the third time she was requested by the school to do this over the past 2 years. Matt was already in his senior year and was in danger of not graduating.

He was never in trouble before she divorced with his father. He was only 11 years then. He has become uncontrollable.

He first got into trouble at 14 when he prank called a local girl who lost her mother. He threatened to rape her over the telephone. This sent the little girl to the psychiatric hospital. He was eventually caught through phone records. Because of his age, he was placed on probation until he was an adult.

This did not deter him. He has become the local bully. He picked on boys and girls in his school and neighborhood. He formed a group with two other boys his age and together became the local terror.

One time, she caught him in their backyard laying on his back while Julia, a 12-year-old next door neighbor was giving him a blowjob.

Jennifer froze and did not know what to do.

She was at her wits end. She has tried counselling, mentoring, and even a court-appointed psychiatrist. Matt appeared to behave a few days after each intervention but would quickly go back to his terror tear.

This time, she enlisted the help from the mothers of the two other boys in Matt's gang.

Jennifer is part of a women's group whose activities included working out in the gym, fund raising for several causes, and learning self defense. They decided to talk to a local female police commander how to best approach these out of control boys.

Commander Monica has been in the township police department for years. She has been known to be a no nonsense officer and had a reputation to be a real ballbuster.

The mothers met up with her a month ago. They heard what they did not want to hear. Monica felt the mothers have become push overs. They let their children run their homes. The fathers were not helpful because all of them were divorced. They needed to take matters into their own hands.

She invited the mothers to come to her house one weekend to observe how she ran her home. Monica is married to her husband, Joseph, a coach of the high school football team. They have two sons, Adrian, 17 years old, and Eric, 16 years old.

Both sons are doing well in school. They have straight As, participate in football, track, wrestling, and sailing, and popular in school. Her husband was well loved and was voted teacher of the year.

But their household only became that way through strict discipline.

They came to visit Saturday afternoon. The ladies were welcomed by Joe, Monica's husband. He was in his early forties, about 6 feet in height, burly, with muscular arms and legs,  and a tiny hint of a paunch. He was wearing a polo shirt and bermuda shorts. He smiled when he opened the door and let them through the immaculate home and out into the backyard overlooking the water and Sugar Island in the distance.

The boys were already busy tending to the grill. Adrian was a handsome young man, taller than his father, with blond hair and blue eyes. His physique was obvious underneath his tight white shirt. He was also wearing tan bermuda shorts that accentuated his muscular buttocks and heavy crotch.

The younger Eric was even more gorgeous. He was about 5'10" tall but had a more muscular build. He had light brown hair, green eyes, and beautiful teeth. He was wearing a tank top and loose board

Monica was busy setting up the table. She welcomed the the three ladies and had them sit on the lounge chairs.

"Jennifer. Virginia. Kathleen." she introduced the women to the boys.

Joe came over with a bottle of champagne and handed glasses to the ladies. He popped the cork and poured the wine in each glass.

They chatted about small things around the island. The women were amazed how the household appeared to be ran by Monica. The men were extremely polite and catered to their every needs. Joe was especially attentive and made sure their drinks were topped off. He served them a plate of cheese, crackers, radishes, pate, boiled potatoes, and aioli dip.

Dinner should be ready in about an hour. The men are preparing steaks and grilled vegetables.

After she felt the girls have loosened up from the alcohol, Monica stood up and invited them to join her in the home media room.

The women followed her to a well-appointed room with a large screen TV on one wall. The ladies found their places on comfortable deep-cushioned seats.

Monica dimmed the lights, slipped a DVD, and turned on the TV.

The video was titled Female Supremacy. The guests were half expecting a fetish/dominatrix film but were surprised that the women in the film appeared to be regular women, wives, mothers, sisters,
daughters. The first half of the film dealt with men as the sole source of most violent crimes, wars, and unrest. The second half showed testimonies of women taking back the power from men by quelling their violent tendencies.

Discipline begins at home. And women should enforce them. It is hoped by the video that a ripple effect will start from the household and eventually the rest of society once the Female Supremacy movement has gained more and more recruits.

The three women looked at Monica with shocked eyes. They all were pleasantly surprised that there were kindred women out there who are tired of being run over by their husbands, children, bosses, and men in general.

"But how do we control them?" Each of them asked Monica almost at the same time.

"That's why you are here this afternoon, ladies. But you have to promise me that you will have open minds to my brand of disciple." Monica said.

The ladies answered yes in unison.

Monica got up from her couch and walked over a shelf containing several thick binders. She picked a one bound in white leather as thick as a phone book.

She gathered the women around her and set the book on the ottoman.

"Ladies, these are my wedding pictures," Monica said.

"Let me tell you how I gained control of my men and my household," Monica continued

Monica and Joe met in high school and fell in love. They married when he was 22 and she was 21.

Joe was a strapping young man. He was in Physical Education and played practically every sport. He started playing in minor league baseball in West Michigan and hoped to make it big one day in the majors.

Monica was studying Criminology and planned to join the police force. She immediately became pregnant and had Adrian when she was 22 and Eric the following year.

Everything appeared to be track. At 25 years old, Joe was fast become a rising star in the minors. Monica entered the police force and was slowly going up the ranks. The boys were growing up healthy.

Until one day when Joe was driving home from a game, his car was t-boned by pick up truck driven by a drunk driver.

He fractured his right leg in three places. His major dreams were completely thrown off track. Although he was able to recover in a few months, he could not get back to his previous form.

He had to quit his dreams of making it to major league baseball. He spent his days staying at home, trying his best to be a house dad while Monica was at work.

The months changed his personality. He became increasingly bitter and hostile towards everyone around him.

At 28, for his birthday, he decided he loved alcohol. Six months later, he was up to 12 cans of beer everyday.

Meanwhile, Monica was promoted the same year. She quickly went up the ranks and became one of a handful of female police sergeants in their city.

The station had a dinner and convocation the weekend she was promoted. Through the night, Joe increasingly became inappropriate and belligerent. He must have drunk at least a tankard of beer and started making a scene.

It escalated to a point when during Monica's time to receive her commendation, Joe got up on his feet and started hooting and hollering.

Several police officers attempted to pull Joe away but he started throwing punches. The party ended up abruptly when Joe had to be put down on the ground and handcuffed.

The department let Joe go after about two hours sobered him up enough to get up. Monica was completely embarrassed but was reassured by everyone. They all felt bad for her and actually even for him. They knew about his once promising career and felt sorry.

Monica drove Joe home that night. When they arrived home, they paid the babysitter and let her go home. The kids were asleep.

Joe was still tipsy and started to rant.

"You let me get handcuffed by your fucking boyfriends!" Joe yelled.

Monica tried to reason with him.

"You're probably fucking all of them!" He accused.

Monica walked away again that night like every other night  he gets drunk. She went to the kitchen shaking with fear and anger.

She sat down on a chair and waited for everything to settle down. She did not notice Joe followed her to the kitchen and stood right behind her.

She was startled when she turned her head and saw her husband looming over her. He was tall and muscular and was giant compared to her 5'6" frame.

Before she could scream, he was on her. He lifted her body by her armpits off from the chair and backed her against the wall.

He had her up against the wall with his left forearm pressing on her neck. He was busy unbuckling his belt with his right hand.

She was squirming and tried to free herself from his choke hold. She saw his eyes were bloodshot from the booze and anger. He was out of control.

He had his trousers down to the floor. His penis was already erect and jutted upwards through the fly of his boxer shorts.

He lifted her skirt up and tore down her panties in one violent move.

She was losing her breath from his choke hold. She felt him penetrate her dry vagina. She fell limp in his left arm.

His left arm could no longer hold her weight up. He eased up the pressure. She fell on the floor and landed on both knees in front of his naked crotch.

His lust grew when he saw his police officer wife on her knees in front him. He lowered his shorts down and freed his cock and balls.

He was a big man with a big penis. He had an 8-inch long penis, thick and veiny, with low hanging balls.

Monica was breathing and coughing hard. Her throat has spasmed from his hold and she was trying to suck air in to prevent from collapsing.

She felt his hand on the back of her head and pull her mouth towards his erect penis.

There had been a steady escalation in the violence in the household. Over the past two years, he has started to yell at her with increasing frequency and anger. She was pushed away the first time last June. He slapped her once two weeks later.

Their sex life also had become one-sided. He mostly tops her whenever he felt the urge even if she did not consent.

Monica recognized the signs but stayed in denial. She never really felt the danger until tonight.

Between his legs, she saw her two boys standing at the other end of the kitchen.

It was time to regain control, she decided that night. She would not let anyone destroy her family including her husband.

She looked up and saw him staring down at her. She looked down and saw his cock and balls only a few inches from her face.

She took the matter in her hands. She grabbed both his balls with her hands and squeezed each orb with all her might.

He squealed like a pig and tried to free himself from her clutch. He made a few steps backwards. She had his balls in a tight vice-like grip and refused to let go. She could feel each smooth ball in his scrotum change shape in her palms.

He stumbled back, tripped by the trousers between his ankles. He landed hard on his butt.

Monica never let up. She followed him as he went down and kept her grip on his balls.

He screamed, "Let go! Let go! Let go!" He grabbed her hands and tried to pry them off his genitals.

Monica used her strong legs as leverage and pulled on his scrotum with all her might.

"Eeeeeeee!" his reached a higher octave.

"From now on, there will be a change in this house! Do you understand? No longer is this house going be ruled by the one wearing the pants!" she growled..."Who has the balls gets to rule! And I have yours in my hands!"

Joe was delirious with pain. He was on the ground with his wife between his legs. Each time he made a move, his wife increased the pressure in her grip. He felt a deep and dull ache start from his testicles and spread to his rectum and up his bowels. He felt like throwing up.

Monica adjusted her grip and held his scrotum with her left hand by it base. His large balls bulged out from her grip. She could see each individual orb trying to pop out from his sack.

"Who has the balls in this house?" she growled..."Answer me!"

Joe was too nauseated to answer. He flailed his arms from side to side and started to tap the kitchen floor.

Monica started to lift his pelvis by his balls. They were now angry red in color.

"Who has the balls in this house?" she looked at him straight in the eye.

He refused to answer.

Monica made a fist with her right hand and aimed for his balls.

Joe saw what she was planning and tried to get up in panic. He propped his upper body with his elbows and tried to get on his knees.

Monica drove her fist down and found her target. She felt his testicles flatten between her grip and her fist. It made an ugly bony sound.

"Eeeeeeee!" Joe fell on the floor again.

"Answer me!" She punched his balls again.

Joe was squirming on the kitchen floor. He was mad with pain and could not comprehend any of this.

Monica saw his balls were starting to swell up. The red color was now turning into purple.

"Answer me!" This time she used the heel of her right palm and started to grind his testicles on her closed left fist.

She felt his testicles roll around in his scrotum like slippery balls trying to escape her wrath. She was able to isolate his right orb and put pressure on it.

"Arrrgggh!" He screamed, now in a deep resonant voice.

"Who has the balls in this house?" She felt his right ball flatten but still resisting the pressure.

Joe's eye roll behind his head. He still would not concede. He had his balls in his wife's left hand. He turned his head to his left and saw his two little boys watching in silence.

Monica continued her pressure on his right testicle. This time she used her right thumb and started pressing on his right ball. She could feel her thumb making an indentation in the middle of his egg-shaped testicle.

"Answer me!" She dug her thumbnail into his scrotal skin and into his right testicle. She felt something start to tear underneath. She screwed her nail deeper and yelled..."Who has the balls in this house?"

Joe's mouth started to froth. He tasted bile. His abdominal wall started to spasm.

Monica gave her thumb one last push. She felt something give. His right testicle made a soft farting sound as her nail punctured the scrotum and penetrated its meat.

"Answer me!" She demanded.

"You!" His voice rattled. Projectile vomit came up from his gut. A mixture of beer and steak covered his chest.

Monica finally let go of him.

He laid their on the kitchen floor, half conscious, with his legs slightly spread apart. His penis was now flaccid. It lay meekly on his belly. His testicles were swollen and looked completely inflated. There was blood dripping from where she tore his right nut. His scrotum has turned deep purple in color with blood collecting internally.

Their children saw the product of her wrath and figured for themselves the answer to her question.

The girls sat in silence as Monica told her story.

Monica stated that she took her husband to the hospital the next day. She made up a story about Joe climbing a tree and falling, hitting his groin on a branch on his way down. Joe was too embarrassed to contradict her.

He require surgery to repair his ruptured ball. He had a drain inserted in his scrotum for days.

He was sent home almost healed. His right ball still ached even to this day when cold water hits it.

Joe still did not immediately completely change his attitude even with a broken ball.

"That was the first among many nights of power struggle between us," Monica said.

She stated Joe was a like a wild horse that needed to be broken. It took several weeks but eventually he relented.

The domination was absolute. She was on top in every aspect of their lives. She controlled their finances. She decided where they spent their vacations. She dictated when they had sex.

But it was beneficial. She ran the family and he did was he was told.

She ordered him to go back to work and he did . He started to straighten out his life and in the process sobered up for his family.

Part of winning the struggle and maintaining her dominant position is to keep her psychological advantage. She required her husband to be submissive. He had to walk around naked all the time in the house and must be able to present his genitals to her for inspection any time she wanted.

She said she developed a system to determine whether he has been masturbating without her knowledge. She would hold each ball in her hands and grabbed them this way and that. She felt their cords and tested their plumpness. She meted out severe punishment if she found out he jerked off without permission. She would have him lay on the floor, spread his legs apart and kick him in the balls whenever he was caught. But her system was a total sham. She pretended she knew, but it was only part of her psychological warfare to keep him under her complete control.

The three girls were flushed with excitement and embarrassment.

"Aren't you scared you would damage him permanently?" Virginia asked.

"Part of the training is to know when to stop. If he loses his testicles, I lose my advantage," Monica answered.

"But if I did that to my son, I may ruin my chances of being a grandmother," Kathleen said.

Monica was ready for that question. She grabbed another book from a nearby shelf.

"Home Cryo Systems" The cover read.

"You save up for the future," Monica smiled.

The girls now really got interested. Monica apparently had one room in the house equipped with a liquid nitrogen freezer. She has vials in there containing semen from her husband and her two sons.

"This gives me peace of mind that I may still have a grand daughter in the future," Monica said.

"And you ladies are in a bit of luck. My boys have volunteered to show you how to best discipline them." Monica said.

"But before that, they will show you how they make a deposit in our own savings bank..." she added.

Dinner was pleasant. Conversation involved work and school and how nice the summer has been. Jennifer felt slightly uneasy but at the same time excited to learn how to discipline strong men.

After dinner, the ladies were led by Monica back into the media room. She instructed them to sit on the couch and wait.

After a few minutes, the door opened, and in walked Joe, Adrian, and Eric, completely balls out naked.

They stood in front of the girls in a straight line. Joe was on one end, Adrian was in the middle, and Eric was on the other end.

The girls immediately noticed the similarity in their faces. The boys had their father's eyes and square jaws. Their builts were similar, all muscular, with broad shoulders, and narrow waists. Their chests were built. Joe had fur covering most of his chest. The boys were completely smooth. Joe sported a slightly larger belly but still had evidence of strong rectus abdominis muscles. They each sported muscular lines that started from their hips towards their genitals...cum gutters or Apollo's belts. Their muscular legs were thick and covered with fine fur.

The difference laid on their genitals. The three men sported full erections. Each one packed a heavy load, but it appeared that with each generation, improvements occurred.

Joe had an 8-inch circumcised penis. It stood erect, pointing 45 degrees upwards. It had angry veins running up and down its shaft. The head was relatively small compared to its fat body. His balls hung low and contained golf-sized testicles.

Adrian, the 17-year-old, had a larger penis. It must have been 9 inches long, was smooth and barely had veins. It was fatter than his father's shaft. It also stood erect, but almost parallel to the ground. His balls were the size of large chicken eggs and hung even lower than his father's.

Eric, the youngest of the men, had the biggest cock and balls of the three. It was a foot long hard. A single vein ran on across the dorsum of the shaft.  Its glans was the size of a small apple. It was the thickest of the three penises. It was heavy that it slightly drooped towards the floor even when stiff. His balls were the size of lemons and hung low almost to his knees.

The women sat breathless. Their eyes were glued to the men's bodies.

Monica handed each lady a vial and gave them instructions. Jennifer gets to train with the first one to come, Virginia, the second, and Kathleen, the last.

"Begin," Monica said in a soft voice.

Each man grabbed his penis and started to masturbate. It was interesting how each had a different technique. Joe used his right hand and pumped his shaft in a fast clip. Adrian was more slow and deliberate and stroked his shaft from the base to the tip. Eric used both hands and pumped his penis with twisting motions.

Each man involuntarily bucked their hips as if fucking their hands. Their eyes were all closed in concentration. Deep guttural sounds emanated from each. Their collective breaths started to go faster.

After about two minutes, Eric started to groan.."I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come.."

Jennifer got on her feet and placed the open vial in front of Eric's large dick.

Eric came with a low groan. Creamy white semen spurted out from his penis into the vial. He squirted at least seven times before he stopped his hands from jerking.

Jeniffer saw he almost filled up the 50 mL vial with his fluid. She closed the vial with a screw top lid and handed it to Monica.

A few seconds later, it was Adrian who started to groan. Virginia got up and readied herself.

"HAWRRR!" Adrian growled loudly. His semen spurted out and splashed at the bottom of the vial. He came three to four times. Virginia was happy with the collection.

Joe took longer. It must have been five minutes before he showed signs he was close. Kathleen decided she would help. She held Joe's loosely hanging balls with her right hand and squeezed them gently while he jerked off.

"More..." Joe said.

Kathleen added more pressure and fell his full balls in her grip.

The increased pain in his balls sent pleasure waves to Joe's brain. He started to buck his hips furiously and came. His semen were long ropes that spread everywhere. It landed on the carpet, on Kathleen's hair, on her dress.

She forgot to collect his seed. She stood up flustered and apologized.

Monica laughed and reassured her. Joe had saved up enough semen. She does not need any of his any longer.

Monica took the two vials and went into the next room.

The boys stood there, breathless, with their penises starting to soften. Semen dripped from each tip.

Monica returned.."Now we learn how to discipline men."

She instructed each lady to stand in front of their assigned men.

Jennifer stood in front of Eric. Virginia stood in front of Adrian. Kathleen stood in front of Joe.

"Remember, ladies...whoever has the balls rules the house...tonight you learn how to gain yours!" Monica said.