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Random info

Hey readers!

I am glad there are a few people out there like me with similar fantasies and fetishes.

I do work-related travel a lot and get to meet people from different places. Nearly each time I meet an interesting and good-looking couple, men or women, I do a mental scenario and write ball busting stories using them as characters.

I was in Melbourne, Australia a few years back and met, and since have become friends, with my inspiration characters for the Caroline Springs story line. He was my realtor who helped look for my temporary dwelling. I met his wife and kids when he invited me to his home for a barbecue and pool party.

What a treat I had! He wore a tight clingy swim shorts the whole afternoon that showed a generous package. His wife, not to be outdone, put on a sexy bathing suit.

That same night, I wrote Caroline Springs!

Do you guys have similar fantasies with your friends, neighbors, or people you meet as central characters?

Send me some of your fantasies through my email below. I will keep them private. If you have some pics of your adults only friends, neighbors, or you (absolutely no under aged, I will report you if you do), send them. I will use them for next stories. Crotch pics will surely inspire.

And...are there any readers out there who are interested in helping me make an adult graphic novel? I was looking for an artist who can create a comic book using stories I write. Send me an email and sample of your work!

These are fantasies guys! If you're not into them, you're in the wrong blog. I have been deleting a few nasty comments.

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Coming up...

Conclusion of "The Twins!"

Poor Alejandro and Amado. Soon, it would be very easy to tell them apart.


"Caroline Springs, Parts 2 and 3."

Part 1 may be slow for some readers. But the build up hopefully will make you want to come back for more.

Claire and her daughters retake their household through the help of a small but growing group of women in their town.

It does take a village to raise men and boys...and a lot of crushed balls.

Welcome to Australia's rising ballbusting capital!



My first m/m ballbusting story.

Although I prefer f/m ballbusting, I thoroughly enjoyed writing about a father who disagrees with his son's baseball coach.

I also have a book through Amazon and Kobo available called "Serial Women. Book 1" It is very bloody and violent. Buyer beware. Book 2 will come out soon.

Please send feedback and possibly story ideas!

Caroline Springs (Part 1)

Claire looked out through the front door of their house. Her eyes followed her husband, Phil, drive away for work. He was on his way to Melbourne where he would be staying for a few days.

They have been married for nearly 20 years now. Phil, 38 years old, is a realtor and is groomed to be the area manager for a large firm based in Melbourne.

Claire, 37 years old, is a stay-at-home mom, raising their three children, one boy and two girls.

Luke is the oldest at 18 years. Haley is 16 years old and Alex is 14.

The whole family moved to Caroline Springs, Victoria, from Castle Hill, NSW, about ten years ago, for a great job opportunity that Phil took.

Claire had to give up her part time position in a huge marketing firm for the move.

The first few years were good enough for the family. The kids were doing well in school. Phil moved up the company and is poised for a great promotion.

Claire was happy especially when they bought a better home for the family.

Things turned about 5 years ago.  It was subtle at first. Phil would seem to spend more time out of town to travel to the Melbourne office. He would also come home frequently inebriated from quite regular dinners with clients.

He also has been more irritable. Everything appears to quickly piss him off. He has stopped helping around the house and yells at her whenever chores get neglected.

The once private humiliations have now become more public.  A few months ago, while they were out shopping at CS Square, Phil intentionally spilled a cup of soda at the back of her shirt because she wasn't walking fast enough when it was time to go.

Claire was stunned by this. She did not know how to react. She endured the walk back to the car with a soaked shirt and vicious glares from Phil.

"Why don't you fucking lose weight?" Phil yelled at her on their drive back home. "You'll walk faster without all your blubber."

Claire gained about 30 kilograms since they got married. She was a runner when they first met but the years of housekeeping and raising kids contributed to her weight gain.

"Fat cow." "Lazy." "Blubber." "Idiot." "Mongrel." "Bush pig."  Claire felt blades slice through her skin each time Phil used these terms. The humiliation became complete when their children heard him address her this way.

Phil, on the other had, maintained his great physique through the years. He worked out in the gym everyday and ran several kilometers every night.

Claire joined a gym 6 months ago and has lost about 10 kilograms. She thought Phil would notice. But the humiliation continued.

The violence did not end with his words. The shoving started 6 months ago. The first slap on her cheek happened 6 weeks ago when she dared refuse to fellate him because of a head ache.

Sex became cold, violent, and one-sided when it happened. They used to make love everyday. This has become less frequent, once or twice a week, mostly forcible blow jobs or dry vaginal penetrations that lasted less than a couple of minutes.

Phil's domination was absolute. This included the household finances. He gave her a weekly stipend and a credit card with cash limit.

Claire felt helpless and trapped.

She also grew quite concerned of her children.

Luke used to be a darling of a boy. When he hit puberty, he became disrespectful, uncontrollable, and challenged her authority.

Luke has become the bully of the house. He constantly teased and tortured his sisters and largely ignored his mother. He has become his father, taking after his domineering attitude and abusive behavior.

Luke has grown from a small runt to a 6-foot athletic body packed with teenage testosterone. He excelled in every sport. He aspired to become a professional rugby player.

His hormones kept him randy 24 hours of the day. He constantly thought about sex and had an erection several times an hour.

Much to Claire's worry, Luke does not appear to have boundaries or control. She would frequently observe him trying to feel up his sisters' breasts.

Once, Claire caught Luke pleasuring himself over a sleeping Haley.

This happened two months ago. Phil was already in bed. Claire got up to fetch a glass of water and Paracetamol from the kitchen. Her head throbbed from migraine.

She walked down the staircase and saw the dim light of the television. The kids have left the TV on again, she thought.

In the dark, she saw a figure standing next to the sofa. It was Luke. She crept closer.

Luke stood there. His shorts were down to his knees. He had his erect penis in his right hand. He was pumping feverishly and appeared to be close to climax. He was staring at his sister Haley who was sleeping on the sofa.

Earlier, Luke walked into his sister, Haley, who fell asleep on the couch while watching television.

He knew Haley was a heavy sleeper.

He called out her name several times,  attempting to wake her, testing her level of consciousness. When he was satisfied she would not rouse, he picked the bottom of her gown and pulled this upwards. He was slow and deliberate, avoiding sudden movements that may wake Haley.

Her thighs came in to view...then the crotch of her white underwear...then her belly button...then her pink aureolas.

Luke was shaking in excitement. He pulled down this shorts. His penis sprung up and pointed upwards at 45 degree angle. His balls felt heavy and dangled between his thighs like two chicken eggs in his scrotum.

He is looking more and more like his father in every way. His uncircumcised penis was about 16.5 centimeters erect when he last measured. He is still growing and may someday exceed his father's erect 18-centimeter uncircumcised penis. Both men had low hanging balls. Their scrotums reached mid-thigh.

Luke gently inserted his left hand in her panties. He started to stroke his shaft with his right hand when he felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair. He almost came when his middle finger felt soft meat of her labia and the moisture within.

Haley moaned but did not awake.

Luke pulled his left hand gently away from her. He brought this hand to his face and took a deep sniff.

He pumped his penis vigorously. He covered his nose with his left hand, inhaling the sweet scent of his sister's vagina. His eyes were shut. He was very close.

This was when Claire walked in with an audible gasp of disgust.

Luke opened his eyes and saw his mother frozen at the hallway. There was an instant of shame that was overwhelmed by his impending climax.

"Hawrr! Hawrr! Hawrr!" Luke came.

White ropes of semen spurted from his penis and landed in different directions. His buttocks clenched tightly and his hips bucked upwards each time he squirted his come. Most of it landed at the back of the couch. A few drops landed on his sister's feet.

Claire was too shocked to say or do anything. She stood there.

Luke pulled his shorts up and walked slowly towards his mother. He stopped 2 feet away from her. His towered over her 5'4" figure. For the first time, she felt threatened by her son.

For the first time, he felt domination over his mother.

Luke raised his clenched right fist a few inches in front of her face. "Fat cow!" he said.

Claire could smell the odor of her son's semen in his fist. Her head pounded and she started to retch with smell of his sex.

Luke sneered and shoved her out of his way. He walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

Claire fell on both knees. She stayed in this position for what must have been half an hour. Her head was pounding with fear, disgust, and helplessness.

She slowly got up and saw her sleeping daughter. She went to her sleeping figure. She pulled her daughter's nightgown to cover her naked body.

With her palms, she cleared the  drops of semen from her daughter's feet and wiped this on the living room rug.

She stared at her daughter's sleeping face. She looked peaceful and fragile.

Claire's head continued to pound with her every heart beat. Something inside her stirred.

If not for herself, for her daughters. She decided to take this head on.

Her feelings of helplessness vanished. And just as suddenly, the pounding in her head went away.

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Stories and Comments

Hey guys!

I posted part 2 of The Twins story line.

I appreciate if I get feedback.

Getting feedback from readers inspire me to write and post new stories.

I need inspiration and ideas.

So far, I have a dozen stories on ball busting...F/M, M/M, consensual, and nonconsensual.

I will post them sooner the more comments I see.

The Twins (Part 2)

The drive to Ciudad Valdeluz was slower than usual. Isabel did not want to attract attention and drove the ambulance well under speed limits. 

Isabel made sure the twins cooperated. She gave each man an injection of Haloperidol into their thighs. She inserted intravenous catheters in a big vein on each of the twins' arms.

Alejandro and Amado were still obtunded. They are now fully nude, strapped on securely by thick leather restraints over their chests, hips, and thighs. Their legs were slightly apart. Their wrists were securely fastened on each side of their gurneys.

Their penises jutted upwards towards their bellies at 45 degree angle, fully erect, with their thick heads slightly purplish in hue. Each set of balls hung loosely in their long sacks and touched the gurney between their thighs. 

Cristina had fun removing every article of clothing the twins were wearing. She had her iPhone document nearly every square inch of the boys' bodies.

Cristina was amused to see each independent testicle appear to squirm inside the scrotum. They moved every few seconds, closer to the body, then dropping loosely at the bottom of each sack.

They were nearly identical in every single way. However, side by side, and up close, there were subtle differences.

The most obvious is Amado's 5 o'clock shadow.  He was not able to shave before Isabel knocked him out with a cup of coffee laced with GHB.  

The girls found this difference convenient to help them tell them apart quickly as everything else were identical.

Cristina must have taken more than a hundred pictures. She was fascinated by Alejandro's and Amado's green eyes. The irises had identical striations and color variations.

But what she was most fascinated with were their genitalia. She spent most of the trip thoroughly examining them. 

They were impressive even in their flaccid states. Each man had a set of testicles the size of golf balls. Their penises, when they were softer, earlier in the trip, were completely covered by their long foreskins.  Their whole package gave slight spongy bounces as the ambulance raced its way on the Autovia del Nordeste. 

At the start of the trip, she knelt between the gurneys and caressed each man's chest with her soft hands. She appreciated how firm and sturdy the pectorals felt. She worked her way down to her targets, feeling the smoothness of their skins under her fingertips.

She handled Amado's balls with her right palm and Alejandro's balls with her left. They were large enough to fill the whole cup of her palms. She gave each a gentle squeeze and rolled each set of balls in her hands. They felt warm and heavy. The contained orbs felt firm. Each testicle had a slight give with her gentle squeeze.

All these genital manipulation were starting to produce more effect. The twins, even in their stupor, let out soft grunts. They each lifted their hips ever so slightly as if reaching for an imagined hole.

She expected the response. Each of the man's penis started to stiffen. She found it amusing. Each time she gave the testicles a soft tug and squeeze, their shafts responded by slowly pumping air into balloons.

Even the timing of their erections were synchronized. Each shaft initially lengthened and widened to a half erect state, lifted above their testicles, pointed straight up, then rested on the lower belly of each twin.

Three more tugs and squeezes on their balls and their penises stretched to their full lengths, with their heads poking completely out of their foreskins. They pointed upwards towards their belly buttons. Each shaft bobbed up and down in unison to their pulses.

The difference was subtle but now is more obvious. Alejandro's erect penis leaned slightly to the right, while Amado's leaned to the left. And there's the pale brown scar at the base of Amado's shaft.

Cristina reached for a measuring tape and compared each length. Alejandro: 8 3/4 inches. Amado: 8 1/2 inches. Then circumference. Alejandro: 5 inches. Amado: 5 1/4 inches.

Finally, a measurable difference.

Cristina grabbed each of the men's penis tightly in each hand. She felt moisture between her legs. She gave each shaft a slow pump.

Alejandro and Amado started to breath heavily. Their six-packed bellies moved in and out with each heavy grunt.

She was deliberate and only made very slow motions.

The twins started to pump their hips in their sleep. 

Cristina allowed them to do this but immediately let their penises go when clear precum dripped from their tips almost simultaneously.

The twins protested with low pitched growls. Their hips humped the air. Their penises swayed stiffly like metal rods with each movement.

Isabel heard the commotion and looked back. She laughed but advised Cristina to delay the fun until they get to the medical center.

Clear drool continued to drip from the twins' penises, forming a sticky string of fluid that hung from each penis tip down to the twins' belly.

Cristina couldn't resist. She leaned down and put the head of Alejandro's penis in her mouth. She licked its opening and sucked in the juice that oozed from it.  Alejandro groaned in his sleep. Fearing he would climax, she immediately released his penis. The penis plopped out of her mouth and as if releasing tension, the shaft slapped sharply on his belly.

Precum still dribbled from its tip. Alejandro grimaced with frustration.

She then directed her attention to Amado's penis. It was equally impressive as his brother's but she could now appreciate how this was thicker.

She leaned over and this time inserted the head of Amado's penis in her mouth. She smelled a slight and familiar odor of unwashed penis. She didn't mind the smell as long as she does not see any smegma.

"Cristy," Amado whispered.

She was flattered and felt wanted. Amado mentioned her name, not Isabel's.

Cristina straightened up and nervously checked. Amado was still asleep but obviously enjoyed her mouth.  

She looked up front, checked on Isabel and saw her eyes were concentrating on the highway. There appears to have been an accident ahead. They are still in Alcala de Henares and the traffic has slowed down the speed to about 30 kilometers per hour.

She had time to show her appreciation.

She wrapped her each hand around each of the boys' shaft and began to pump more vigorously. She had perfected handling men's penises.  She has learned almost a choreographed method of jerking men off. She learned this from one of her girl friends, Pune. She was Indian. It was called lingam massage.

She starts by stroking the shaft the usual method, up and down, vigorously, almost violently. However, she has set a mental timer. She varied her motions after every 20 secs.

20 secs. She loosens her grip, and would stroke the shaft, almost delicately.

20 secs. She grabs the penile head firmly and makes twisting motions, like opening a jar of peanut butter.

20 secs. She wraps her hand at the base of the penis and squeezes tightly, almost choking the shaft. This traps more blood into the penis and almost certainly turns the pink glans purple.

20 secs. She wraps her hand around where the scrotum connects to the body. She firmly but gently pulls down, trapping each testicle at the the bottom of the sack, and stretches the whole package as far down as it allows. This tugs on the base of the penis, dragging the whole shaft, making the erection point further upwards (or downwards, if the man was standing).

20 secs. She gently rolls the testicles in her hand and gives them soft squeezes. This action generally leads to copious amounts of precum to ooze out.

20 secs. With an open palm, she runs her hand up and down the underside of the penis, up and down, from the bottom of the shaft, to the now wet tip.

20 secs. Whenever she can use both hands (this time she couldn't), she would grab the upper half of the penis with her right hand and the bottom half with her left, and start to squeeze and twist in opposite directions. By now, the penis would be well lubricated by drippings coming from the tip.

20 secs. She would lick the penile opening with the tip of her tongue. She would attempt to widen it, pushing the tip of her tongue as far in the urethra as she can. (With the twins, she each give their penises 10 seconds.)

She would do these motions, over and over, always mindful of the man's reactions. She always wanted to delay orgasm, wanting to hear the man beg for release.

This time she had her eyes on their faces. She had an instinct when climax was imminent. The man's face contorts, breathing becomes more labored, the belly becomes stiffer, and the testicles retract closer to the body.

A second before this occurs, she lets go of the penis, deftly pushes four fingers and holds pressure up the area behind the testicles, between the scrotum and rectum. 20 secs.

The boys this time squirm in unreleased agony. Their eyelids flutter. Low growls are released. The penises flick up and down, pulsating. Their butt muscles clench. Their arms bulge with veins almost ready to burst as they pulled on their straps. The hips start fucking air.

She keeps the pressure up the perineum until she sees the body relax and the scrotum loosens, allowing the balls to drop down.

Then she does it all over again. Over and over again.

The twins were in agony. Their balls appear more swollen. There penises are now purple and almost certainly have lengthened beyond their usual size.

Cristina enjoyed the torture and power. She has never felt near absolute power over a man before. She found it intoxicating and wanted more.

"We are nearly there..." Isabel said without looking back.

Cristina saw the exit to Guadalajara. She is not very familiar with this area north east of Madrid.  She heard or read somewhere of the ghost city of Ciudad Valdeluz and always wanted to come check it out. There was a  medical center that opened only twice a week. Isabel read most of the X-rays whenever she comes.

She went back to her business. She must have massaged the twins' genitals over twenty minutes. The penile shafts are now completely wet with her saliva and precum. The fluid have dripped down their balls and formed small puddles on the gurney.

She did the routine one last round. When she saw that the boys were near climax, she performed her final the past, she had a gentler version, but this...this was violent.

She grabbed each penis and held them as tight as she could. She then, almost angrily, jerked the penis along the entire length of the shaft. She pulled up on the shaft, masturbating it up, forcefully, as if trying to pull it off its roots. She then quickly masturbates down. Quickly. She slams the bottom part of her clasped hand on the testicles underneath.

She did this several times, up and down, pull out the penis, then slam the balls.

The twins had tears roll from their eyes. They gritted their teeth but were still unaware.

Cristina was impressed on how long they held. The twins usually came within minutes. It must be the drugs, she thought.

This time she sees orgasm is near. She increased her speed and violence. Soft wet slaps were produced each time her fist pounded down on their now retracting balls.

The twins came...nearly the same time. They were twin geysers. Thick ropes of come shot out of each penile tip and landed on the vital signs monitor above their heads. More come burst out, landing on their faces, and chest.

Cristina, for an unknown reason, was angered by this. She let go of their penises. They wiggled around and continue to pump white semen.

She eyed the twins' retracted balls. She clenched her hands to make fists. And without knowing why, started to punch each man in their balls.

Alejandro and Amado almost sat up by the initial pain. Cristina felt the boys' balls flatten against their pubic bones on her first punch. They each raised their heads and shoulders above their pillows but were limited by the straps across their chests. Their eyes were now open and they each emitted a soft croak.

Semen squirted out of their penile openings. She was completely drunk with her new found power. Twenty seconds she counted, she lifted both fists up rapidly hammered them down on each their testicles. A little more semen shot out of their penises. This time with less energy, only managing to shoot out and land on their belly buttons.

Cristina felt their orbs trapped in their retracted states. She imagined hearing squishing sounds as they changed shape under her fists.

The twins pulled on their straps. Their hips moved this way and that, instinctively wanting to avoid the pain. They attempted to fold their bodies into fetal positions but the straps wouldn't allow them.

She looked into their eyes. The twins appear half-dazed. Saliva started to form and overflow out of there partly opened and mewing mouths. There teeth were clenched.

She let them recover. 20 secs. She raised both fists again, this time aiming her knuckles, targeting Amados' right testicle and Alejandro's left. She drove her fists down. Dull thwacking sounds signaled contact of her knuckles with the men's trapped testicles.

A little bit more white come oozed out of each twin's penis. Cristina noted this and decided to empty the boys completely. The twins maintained their attempts to protect their genitals. The wrists restraints and thigh straps prevented them from this.

20 secs. She aimed her knuckles, this time, towards the other ball. Semen dribbled out of their penises.

They are almost empty, she thought.

She changed tactics. She used each hand and grabbed the twins by their balls. She gathered their sacks and pulled on the orbs they contained. They were both retracted, very close to their bodies, but with surprising ease, she was able to pull them down and way from their entrapments.

She now had each set of testicles in her palms. She has absolute control over them and felt powerful.

Their shafts were still rigid. Semen appears to have stopped dribbling from their tips. She wanted to make sure. She applied pressure and squeezed. She imagined trying to juice lemons and squeezed so hard her knuckles turned pale. The more she squeezed the angrier she felt. She also started to tug on their sacks and pulled them up and away from their bodies.

The trapped testicles had nowhere to go but follow her reins. The twins lifted their hips attempting to relieve the pressure. Their breathing became even more labored. Heavy grunts emanated from gritted teeth every few seconds.

Their penises now pointed straight up, perpendicular to their bodies. They were still their full erect lengths. They were completely covered with a shiny layer of come.

She saw the twins' scrotal skin ooze out between her clasped fingers. She continued her assault for what must have been a minute. She gave one final strong pull and squeeze. She thought she felt something give or tear.

Both men shrieked..."Aargh!"

White fluid oozed out of their dicks. The consistency was thick, almost toothpaste-like. She felt something spasm within their sacks and beyond.

Alejandro and Amado were now at least partially awake. Their eyes had glazed looks and they started to look around the unfamiliar space. They have never felt pain like this.

"Where am I?" Alejandro blubbered.

Amado was a little more confused and turned his head from side to side trying to shake his confusion. He sobbed from the pain.

Cristina felt absolute control over them. These two muscular men and their large genitals were helpless under her gaze.

The twins became more rambunctious and started to tug and pull on their restraints. Their protests became louder and more lucid.

Isabel looked up on the rear view mirror. She was aware what Cristina was up to. She did not care. She wanted Cristina to enjoy and learn more about power and control.

Cristina saw Isabel staring at her through the mirror. There was an instant awareness and bonding. A sisterhood was formed. A sisterhood of ballbusters.

"Check the drug cabinet," Isabel instructed.

Cristina reached over and opened the cabinet. Inside were different vials and syringes neatly packed in plastic casings. She acted swiftly. The boys are getting more aware and appear to get stronger by the minute.

"Pick the vial labelled Midazolam," Isabel said.

There were several different vials with different colored tops. She found a vial containing morphine but definitely did not pick this. She made sure the twins felt each and every punishment they deserved. 

She found several vials of Midazolam and asked Isabel for more instructions.

She filled two large syringes with the contents of two vials. Isabel instructed her to inject the medication through their IVs. 

Cristina inspected the IVs but both must have been pulled out because of the twins' attempts to free themselves.

"Just inject it directly to them. Pick a spot," Isabel barked.

She found several sizes of needles. She wanted to use the fattest bore but Isabel warned her of causing too much unwanted bleeding.

She opted for skinny but long needles and screwed them on the ends of the syringes.

The men became more frenzied when they saw the syringes. They both started to scream...





"Pick a spot," she smiled.

She directed her attention towards Amado's genitals. His penis was flopping side-to-side, half erect. His scrotum was slightly larger with swelling from her punches. She grabbed on to his sack and isolated the right orb. She pulled the testicle up and outwards, stretching the skin tightly around it.

She deftly stuck the needle through his scrotum and penetrated the meat of his right testicle. When Cristina felt satisfied that the tip of the needle was dead center in his right orb, she pushed the syringe plunger and encountered resistance.

Amado appeared stunned. His eyes stared up at the roof of the ambulance. His mouth opened wide and he let out a silent scream. 

She felt Amado's testicle slowly swell. The meat must be dense because she found it hard to inject the whole 10 cc of medication. She felt something crackle inside his scrotum as if tissues stretch out and tear. The orb lost its round shape and formed a nodular bulge on one side. She emptied the contents of the syringe into his ball.

Amado, still mute, but mouth wide open in protest, bucked his whole body from side to side.

To Cristina's mild horror and instant satisfaction, she felt something snap. She released Amado's genitals and looked at the syringe. The needle must have broken in half!

She quickly inspected Amado's testicles. She could not see the other half. She grabbed onto the right ball and felt around for it. 

Amado screamed, this time with a gurgling sound. He drooled and spit all over. His saliva mixed with the semen that landed on his face now ran down the sides of his cheeks, down his neck.

The right testicle has swollen to double its size. She felt the tip of the broken needle, just under the surface of his orb. It would be impossible to retrieve it. 

He started to drip blood from the puncture wound in his scrotum. She gave the puncture site a tight pinch...20 secs. This stemmed the bleeding.

Isabel saw what happened and laughed. "Amiga, pick another spot! I don't think the sedative will work that way!" 

Amado surprisingly calmed down. 

"Perhaps it did work..." Isabel said. "A man's balls do have a rich network of blood vessels."

Amado appeared drunk. The mixture of Haloperidol and Midazolam is working. He stared blankly into space. He occasionally grunted when sharp pain shot up from his testicles into his belly.

"Pick another spot," Cristina turned her attention to Alejandro.

Alejandro was in a state of shock. He saw what Cristina did to his brother's balls. He still tried to free himself, flexing his muscular arms, pulling the restraints to their limits.

Cristina stared directly into his eyes. She showed him the syringe.

"Pick another spot," she whispered.

She inspected Alejandro's genitals. His penis was now completely flaccid, drooped between his balls, the head still poking out of its foreskin.

She thought about injecting it into his right testicle but changed her mind. She didn't want the punishment to be identical to Amado's.

She knows a little about human anatomy. She opted for a very big blood vessel!

Cristina grabbed the head of his penis with her left and yanked it towards his knees.

Alejandro gave out a soft yell and pleaded, "Please, don't."

She pulled on the glans and stretched his penis as far down as she could. 

"I think I picked the next spot," she informed Isabel.

Isabel looked back and saw what Cristina planned. This will definitely work. The penis is nothing but a big blood vessel. She thought.

She smiled  and  gave further instructions.

Cristina was elated by this. It became a science project on a man's penis. She quickly went through the medication vials and found what she was told to give.

She squeezed out 1 cc of the Midazolam from the syringe, leaving 9 cc of the medication. She aspirated 1 cc of Nitroglycerine into the syringe. 

Alejandro just stared quietly in horror.

Cristina set the syringe down and grabbed the tip of his penis. She stretched it towards his feet. With her right hand, as Isabel instructed, she felt and searched for different tubes and inner workings of his shaft. She was looking for a dorsal vessel. 

When she thought she identified her target, she grabbed the syringe and aimed right in the middle of his shaft where it connected to his body.

She injected the contents of the syringe and emptied it in less than 5 seconds. This time there was less resistance. She released his penis, grabbed her iPhone, then pressed record. 

The effect was immediate!

Alejandro's penis engorged angrily in response to the offending concoction. It quickly stood straight up at a 90 degree angle to his body. The penis pulsated. The color of the glans quickly changed from pink to red to blue to purple in less than 3 minutes. The base of the penis was more swollen than the rest. She must have penetrated deeper than he planned. Edema, with the color of bruise, started to form a cuff around the whole girth of the base of his shaft.

Alejandro was delirious with pain. He felt the medication burn the insides of his penis. He felt his penis instantly stiffen and enlarge. He felt his penis would explode with the pressure.

Cristina was impressed. His penis was completely rigid. She grabbed her tape measure. 9 1/2 inches! 

She inspected his package more closely. His testicles were rolling up and down the scrotum that is now beet red in color. His whole body is now flushed.

Her iPhone documented the stiffness of his penis. It used to sway with the movements of the ambulance, this time, it pointed upwards, immovable.

With her left fingertips, she pinched the head of his penis. 

"Aiee!" Alejandro screamed. It was loud and shocking. He felt sharp and burning pain travel up and down his shaft and into his bowels.

Cristina ignored his cries and continued to squeeze his penis with her fingertips. His shaft felt very full, stiffer than usual, and hotter than usual. She squeezed and worked her way from the tip of his penis down to its base. Cloudy fluid dripped from the penile opening.

Alejandro kept screaming.




The pain was excruciating. Alejandro felt his genitals were being skinned. The sharp pains were followed by a gnawing ache behind his balls, into his back, and down his rectum.

Isabel looked back with approval. However, she warned Cristina that his screams can be heard by other motorists.

Cristina grabbed a small plastic box that contained surgical gauzes. She made a fist-size ball of the gauzes and jammed this inside Alejandro's mouth.

He continued to scream. This time, they were muffled by his gag.

"We should be there in 5 minutes," Isabel stated.

Cristina went back to her project. She wrapped her left hand around his erection and started to pump. 

This made Alejandro almost passed out. The pain was horrendous. He continued to scream. He bucked and kipped so forcefully that the whole gurney started to jump off the ambulance.

Cristina continued to masturbate him, now with both hands. She used her right hand to twist the upper half of his penis clockwise, her left hand to twist the bottom half counter clockwise.

Alejandro started to make choking sounds. 

Isabel was reassured when she saw his oxygen saturation on the monitor was still 100% 

She smelled something offensive. He lost control of his bowels.

She was insulted. How dare this man shit on her, she thought. She looked around the ambulance and found a pair of surgical gloves. She expertly put them on and went back to business.

Alejandro continued to buck. The gurney rolled around the ambulance. 

In frustration, she shifted positions and grabbed his penis with her left hand. She continued to pump his now already blue penis, determined to make him release his poison.

She formed a fist with her right hand and aimed for the contents of his scrotum. 

She punched his testicles with full force, this time cutting her mental timer to every 10 seconds. 

Her punches made sickening splatting sounds each time she hit them. Moisture from his loose bowel movement started to splash between his splayed thighs.

His balls stayed loosely hanging in their sacks. His scrotum formed blue spots of bruises where her knuckles made contact.

Alejandro is now feeling the effects of the sedative. His protestations became less forceful and less frequent. 

However, the pain is still unrelenting. There was an increasing pressure building up within his balls and up his belly button. 

He came. Alejandro lifted his whole upper torso up from the gurney and pulled on his restraints. The pain was unbelievable. He felt as if his whole manhood was placed in a vise and washing machine at the same time.

Thick cream spurted from the tip of his penis. It landed just below his belly button. 

Cristina quit punching and grabbed his shaft with both hands and pumped feverishly. She pumped a little more and squeezed as tightly as she can. Pinkish fluid dripped down from the opening and onto to her fingers.

Alejandro gave one final yet and pulled on his wrist restraints. Cristina heard a soft crack and looked up. 

Alejandro's right arm appeared longer than his left. 

"He probably pulled it right out his socket," Isabel explained when she asked.

Alejandro was completely out.

Cristina looked at his semen closely. It was blood-tinged. 

She did a close inspection. Alejandro's penis was swollen and had blue welts the shape of her fingers. There were specks of blood on the head. Tiny capillaries broke through the skin and bled. 

She pinched the head of his penis tightly with her gloved hand. 20 secs. The bleeding stopped.

She leaned back satisfied. She lifted her iPhone and pressed the video button. The boys were still obtunded, strapped, and their massive penises swayed, synchronously, with the movements of the ambulance. Their large testicles bounced when the ambulance tires hit rough patches.

"I think I can tell them apart easily now, " she giggled at the sight of Alejandro's battered penis and Amado's swollen testicle.

The ambulance stopped. Cristina looked out the rear window and saw that they are parked next to a two-storey building. It looked abandoned.

She opened the rear doors and jumped out. The area was a ghost town. All around her were empty lots overgrown by weeds. 

Isabel was already out of the ambulance to help her.

The stench of sweat, blood, semen, and stool immediately assaulted Isabel.

"Cristina, you naughty girl, what have you been doing back here," she grinned.

Cristina looked back at the helpless twins and admired her handiwork.

Isabel and Cristina stood there for a minute and stared at Alejandro's and Amado's genitals.

Then then looked at each other and nodded knowingly. 

It's time to show men where true power is held.

They have a whole week before the medical center reopens. 

That's plenty of time to perfect their craft.